Monday 30 April 2012


Today I went to visit my friend Gill for Lunch and I decided to take the reds for a visit .They were all very excited and quickly sorted themselves out, well all except Hattie who could not decide what to wear!
But soon we were on our way travelling through the early morning traffic.

My girls and boy took a moment to straighten themselves after their journey. While Gill's Reds had gathered in the conservatory to wait.

 After a few moments they all gathered together .

It was a bit stilted at first but they soon started chatting.

We managed to get them all facing front for a photo.

Whats this! Toby your hair is not red! Please move out the way!

Ok Toby if you want to be in the photo, get up on the back with Duncan and your sisters.

Gill's new boy Paddy has a chat with Duncan and Toby who have gone all shy!

Paddy tells them how he is loving his new home and brothers and sisters.

Paddy explains that he is off to his friends house for the afternoon but tells the boys he as left his football in the garden for them to play with, he leaves smiling.
Duncan and Toby go into the garden to play football, they look around but at first cannot see any football!

" Can you see the ball?" questions Toby " Must be somewhere" states Duncan leaning on the large round object!
It only when Toby falls over backwards that he sees the large terracotta football that they had been leaning on!

" That Paddy's a right laugh" says Duncan has Toby climbs up on the ball " he's left his football in the garden! Yeh! right "
Well we all enjoyed the warmer,dry weather and had a lovely visit.


  1. 'Club Red' are looking good!

    1. Not really a ' Club Red' meet, I just took all my red because I had acquired a couple Gill had not yet seen! But Yes they were looking good and seeemed to be more! no idea how that happens ;)

    2. Dee, you do know how that happens - you keep buying them :) Congratulations for your latest ebay win yesterday she is lovely!