Tuesday 23 February 2021



I was looking through the photos for something and realised that we had made a move around of the furniture from when the floor was first laid.

This photo is from when it was first refurnished.

And this is now it is now. I did like the sofa being more central to the wall but that did not allow me to put the bureau in and since that's where I am sitting writing this on my laptop, you can see it just had to move over.

The table and plant that were in the left hand corner beside sofa are now behind this Ercol chair .

The bureau which we backed in the same wallpaper as is on the walls, needed it's small sections in the desk area.

I was able to order the wood online and then I designed what I wanted and Paul made it and stained and polished it to blend in.

The sections are now back in place and I think complete the area.

A closer view. The box on the right which is in the same colourway and design as the wallpaper, I have owned for a few years and did not realise it was a match until I came across the box in an upstairs cupboard !

So now it's on the bureau looking like it's always been there and another small job done.


  1. Whew! That looks great! Those sections fit in perfect with the bureau. And that box... You've got an eye for colours and little things like an interior decorator! I'm mighty impressed!

    1. You are too kind. I do love colour lol

  2. Find the differences... apart from the retriever... well done!
    Which one of your two is the handsome boy in the first photo?

    1. Ha ha it would be a good find the difference photo. That is Casper wondering why I have closed the door !