Sunday 28 February 2021


 Well I know February is a short month but even so this one has just shot by!

This was taken on Saturday , a gloriously sunny day. However it was not my intention to take a photo of the blue sky but if you can see that tiny dot ? That is one of the birds that fly over the house every day and also over the recreation ground at the end of the garden.

Now they always chose to fly overhead nice and low so I can see their feather detail , they are Kite's , however for some reason they almost always make sure my camera is not at hand and by the time I find it and rush back outside they are faraway or too high ! Lindsey did manage to get a couple of photos last year but they are now on the memory stick.

Every time I try for a decent photo I'm convinced they know and swoop in , see me rushing about and then hit the thermals into the heights ! I can hear them laughing to each other as they fly off ! But I will get that photo ... someday.... maybe I need Paul to build me a bird hide?  Paul.......

The warmer, brighter , longer days are making the knowledge that spring is just round the corner so enticing ! But for me it also starts that urge to change things around and clean/clear things up.

I have plans for changing the layout in my studio, taking the double unit that pushes out into the centre and putting it under the worktops where the kitchen meets the living room. Then either using the worktop that sat on it as a fold down unit that I can put up when needed or bringing an old oak drop leaf table I have and keep that to the side for when I need extra surface.

This will mean I will have a big area of floor space and hopefully it will then stay clear and enable me to start using the studio for what It was put up for.. blogging photos. The electrician will be back in March or April to put in the power and he will need some space to work.

I'm also going to sort out all my props and move some on, along with quite a few dolls, mainly non Sasha but also a few of the Sasha's. So keep an eye on my sales page and the bazaar for any Sasha related items. Since I am meant to be shielding for all of March , I need to work out how I get things posted as we no longer have a printer , maybe I'll need to sort that first ! 

I am at heart a doll collector, not just Sasha, but all sorts of dolls. I do prefer the older dolls but like some of the newer one's too. This is a photo of who is sitting on the sideboard in the living room, a couple of Zwergnase , a Kathe Kruse, two Pongratz and a girl for all time.

But although I have often fallen for a pretty face, I'm pleased to say the house is not full to bursting with every doll I have liked the look of ! 

I remember when I first got into Sasha , I was never going to buy a doll costing hundreds of pounds......and we can all see how that went ! 

So I am revising my doll collection, which seems to happen every couple of years and usually around spring time! 

There are some dolls I want to get a small collection of , so there will be a very few dolls arriving over time.

On the home front, it's warmed up, so we have been outside moving the pots of tulips into place from where they were stored over winter. The gazebo's been cleared and swept out of all the items we left undercover but still more to do.  Our next door neighbour's removed his old shed and all the rubbish he had stacked beside it and against our fence, so we also need to replace our fence panels along that stretch while there is space and before everything starts growing.

Which will mean that everything indoors will go on the back burner ! With only the odd thing happening now and then. Although hopefully some things will get done, the display for the Chat n Snap for example.

Peter here is going on the adoption list ! along with a few other Sasha/ Gregor dolls, so keep checking the sales page and the bazaar and if there is a doll of mine you would love, please ask, he/she may just be on the maybe list!

So I need to get sorting and listing these adoptions, so I will wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.


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