Friday 12 February 2021


 Well for once the changing into warmer clothes for the Sasha's and Gregor's is happening !

Along side Percy earlier this week Christian and Erik were also changed into warmer clothes.

Christian ,in the red sweater with the grey elephants, was asking Erik about snow back when Vikings raided the shores of England.

" Viking think nothing of a bit of snow ! " Erik scoffed " Vikings love snow!"

" in fact , they loved to sit round a roaring fire and tell tales of their battles and raids" Erik continued getting excited " Let's go and ask mum if we can make a roaring fire and it out and tell tales !"

Christian's not so sure about sitting out in the snow even with a roaring fire!

"let's go for a walk first " Christian says turning to walk off " I don't think mum will let us have a fire without dad around to keep an eye on us "

Erik lets out a big sigh, knowing Christian is probably right and he knows dad is busy " Okay lets have a walk and we can collect some sticks while we do and then if Dad's back , we can ask about a fire ? "

"Good idea " agrees Christian, so they set off in search of  some sticks to use on a fire ,while enjoying the snowy garden.

Sweaters Diane Duke

Cords   A Passion for Sasha

Jeans    Ebay

Brown shoes..miniwoo

Blue shoes   Petrana


  1. Love the bright colors of these knits. Just what e need for these drab midwinter days. Well done, lads!

    1. We do like the brighter colours here in the village :)

  2. A roaring fire is not the worst idea in winter! I hope Dad came back and made it possible.

    1. Exactly what's needed in this snowy cold weather !