Wednesday 17 February 2021


 Not that she actually went anywhere just had the usual but not usual stringing fail!

Her arms dropped off one day probably two or more years ago! But her arms had not been attached in the usual way. She didn't have any arm fittings, someone had made small holes in the tops of her arms and twisted wire through them for the string to hold.
I decided that they needed to be repaired properly and so she was taken apart and put to one side why I decided what to do for the best.

A button placed inside the arm opening was suggested but the opening is very small, so another idea was needed, which meant that poor Olivia spent the next two or more years being moved about in pieces.

That was until last week when we finally ran a surgery to repair some dolls ! Naturally due to her problems Olivia was left until last. 
It was decided to glue a piece of metal between the holes that had been made to form a bar inside the top of the arm opening. So that was done and left over nice to dry.

Paul then filed down the outside metal to make it smooth. This was when we realised that due to just how small the opening is , we'd need to source some of the hooks. A quick look around the web and we found some on ebay. The order was placed but they'd not arrive until this week.

We had last week restrung her legs using the original string but found that it was no good. So we had to bite the bullet and remove her wooden neck ring, which meant a dip into some boiling water to soften up the vinyl to allow it to be removed.
Since we had to do that I also plunged her head into the water , as she'd always had a big and I do mean big dent in the back of her head , it could not been seen ,due to all her hair but you could feel it if you held her head, so while Paul restrung the neck ring, I softened her head and using a screwdriver, very carefully pushed the dent back out ! 
I was very pleased to find it worked and there is now only the smallest of dents in its place . So then it was a case of restringing her and she was back!

So now to dress her, I felt bad having left her so long, so I found a lovely off white dress , never been opened , that I had bought from Petrana years back, along with the white fur topped boots, again not used and a Ugg leather bag again unused till now.

So finally Olivia is back and she's strutting her stuff ! Ollie her twin brother will be over the moon that his twin is finally back even though she wasn't actually gone !

A few extra photo's just because she's looking so nice 



Olivia has been given the honour of the banner place on the FB group, so you could say she's BACK!

I feel a Button nosed reunion coming on!


  1. She's pretty as a picture! It feels so good to mend a Sasha child so she/he comes back into business. She certainly deserved that very special outfit.

    1. It does feel good to finally have sorted her problems out and she her back with the others

  2. Olivia is so tough! To live all those years on hospital station, hearing the others play and laugh must have been hard. But now it is like a resurrection and yes, I also say; she deserves the all new outfit since she has missed so many happy days in the past. But now she is back, her twin brother will be happy and she will have wonderful joyful things to do and adventures are lying ahead for her. Congratulation - you've done a great job! I admire your skills!
    And I love that photo with the picture frame.

  3. She is tough to have waited so long! Now she gets to shine and yes she did deserve to get the nice new clothes