Thursday 18 February 2021


 Everyone was so glad to see Olivia back on her feet , especially her button nosed siblings, she was surprised to find she had two new sisters of the button since she'd been gone !

So after they'd all been introduced it was decided they would do a button intro and photo shoot.

First up was Ollie ( Oliver ) Olivia's twin brother, they came together a good few years back now.

He used to go and see his sister , well her head, for a chat and then would look daggers at me until dinner time, he loves his food !

Joint first with Ollie , is his twin Olivia, they came together as a pair from their previous mum,

Olivia is the older quieter twin.

She loved that Ollie came to see her ,but if she asked what he'd been happening, all he's say is not a lot!

Then tell her what he'd had for breakfast or dinner! not helpful when your stomach was sitting somewhere else !

Next is Peter, he has the lovely button boys hair with the forward curl.

You can just see his curls under his hat.

Next is the lovely Magda, she arrived from Switzerland, a few years back and as been ruling the button roost ever since.

She is so happy to see her good friend and sister Olivia back, there will be lots of catching up once in bed for the next week or two !

Then we have the sweet Margot, not as vocal has Magda but can hold her own if needed.

She is often invited to go and live up north by the sea but at present she's happy here with her bossy sister Magda.

Last ? up is Beatrice or Bea , she's not been here long, only arriving late last year but she's settled in well. Not has bossy as Magda and not as quiet as Olivia she is a calming influence when tempers flare !

The boys stand together for photo and then it's over to the girls

They have moved to the dresser so everyone can fit in.

There is some shuffling around because Ollie insists on standing next to Olivia , as its so long since he's seen her upright !

They are finally settled when Lucas arrives .
" lo Ollie what doing? " he asked Ollie
" We are having our photo taken "
"Me too!" Lucas says
" Oh you'd best ask Magda about that "

" Da !" says Lucas to Magda , when she continues staring ahead he decides to shout "DA..... M  DA"

" Oh Sorry Lucas I was daydreaming ! What's up ? "
" Me too now here " he points to the line up
" Sorry sweetheart but it just for us button nosed kids "
Lucas looks confused So Magda does her best to explain what she means by a button nose 
"But  on !" Lucas insists but Magda shakes her head
Lucas lip starts to tremble ,then stops and a steely glint fills his eyes

He stamps off growling under his breath as he passes the others.

They carry on having photos taken and chatting, when there is a noise down the end of the line up 

Lucas is walking back up the line poking his tongue out at everyone as he passes ! While something appears stuck to his face!

He reaches Magda and is just about to stick his tongue out when she says warningly " Stick that out at me and I'll cut it off and feed it to the pigs!"
A small staring match occurs before Lucas decides she may just do it! So he smiles instead and says " But on nose !"
Trying not to laugh Magda replies " I can see , not quite what I meant but I can see where you are coming from "
Lucas confused says " sew room "
" Yes via way of mum's button box !" Magda decides he deserves a reward for effort. " Okay you can be an honorary button nose for today "

So seven button nose children appear to live here !

Or is that six and a little porker ? I do believe he may have pulled this stunt before ! But have commend his efforts


  1. Lol! That's a way to become a button nose.
    I'm still looking out for a brunette button girl. Pretty Bea looks like a thoughtful child, I can believe the others listen to her.
    And Peter is very very handsome! I'm a little in love....

    1. Lucas is quite a clever toddler :)
      I do love the brunette button noses and would easily be tempted by another, I regret selling my first one.
      Peter is a handsome lad, his hair is so neat !

  2. Such a nice parade of button noses! And the button nose h.c. - lol!!! That's so sweet... hee hee... Splendid!

    1. Thank you, we do love the button's here in the village even the fake ones ;)

  3. They all look wonderful. I especially like Peter's knits, and he's as cute as can be. That WM wallpaper makes a great backdrop!

    1. Diane Duke does lovely knits and being Elephant lovers we just had to have Peters one. Doesn’t it look good as a background! I’m trying to convince Paul I need a shelf just for Sasha photos...he is resisting 😱😉😂