Sunday 21 February 2021



What little snow there was is long gone and Saturday was lovely , almost Spring like ! Yes the temperature is in double figures and you can tell Spring is not far away and it lifts the spirits. Which inspired me to have a little change with the blog background ! Not sure yet if it will stay a while but it is lovely and bright !

Mabel Lucie , now restrung completely , ventured out while there was still a few pieces of snow left , last week and I thought she would make a lovely photo in her bright purple boots to start this weeks summery post.

Well what's been happening this week. Paul had his first vaccine injection on Tuesday and is fine, his arm did ache for a while but apart from that he seems to not have had any other discomfort so far.

I was sent a letter from the Doctors to say I should be shielding until 31st March !  Nice of them to tell me now, nearly a year into the pandemic ! Luckily I had worked it out for myself , last year , and was one of the reasons I stuck to retiring in July as I planned and not working the extra couple of months , my then manager asked.

I have since made a point of avoiding all unnecessary trips out and spent most of the pandemic at home, so I am now expecting to get a letter to book my injection in this current group and not have to wait until the 60-64 age group starts. 

Because the weather has been cold before today, and Paul having his injection, we have not really done anything on the house this week. Just the usual pottering about and tidying up.

However for the first time ever I did the other week get every single Sasha and Gregor out and redress them. I did not of course then put them all back but left them standing around in the living room and on the dresser.

I had started to take their photos while the snow was still around then got side tracked and not all got photographed. So I started tidying up after myself, returning all the changed clothes to the studio along with the newly tidied sock, tights  etc boxes but still the dolls had over taken the living room. I really didn't want to have to box most of them up again, so I convinced Paul that their cabinet , which will go up into the bedroom once it's been redecorated, needed to be brought in from the studio to the house.

It's now standing in the window/door recess in the breakfast room part of the kitchen and can hold around twenty six dolls. Naturally I have more than twenty six S & G's but at least that many now have a home.

Well on the doll front things have been happening! I have seen a young lass I like the look of and she may well me coming to live in the village very soon, once I raise her adoption fee. So something to look forward too!

So on that note I wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.

Stay safe



  1. rich got a shielding notice this week too , like you say a year in !!! ...makes no difference to him hes only left the house about 7 times in the last 5 years ....that would drive me demented :) ...i like seeing your blog posts and have house envy xxxx

    1. Stupid isn’t it! They should have done this last year, just as well Rich as not been out anywhere.
      Glad you enjoy the blog posts and I’m sure your house is lovely too . I have sewing envy when I see those sasha clothes you make 😀

  2. Mabel Lucie looks very happy with her new found freedom of movement.
    It's so great your husband got his first sot. My mum, who is 80 years old, still waits for an appointment. She is prioritized, but since she is not living in a nursing home, they just don't find the time for her. It's all very difficult in Germany these days...

    1. She is so happy because she’s always been wobbly for a long time !
      I hope you mum gets her injection soon , she should not have to wait

  3. shot, I meant. Should wear the stronger glasses...

    1. Lol in always see the mistakes after I have posted 🙄😂