Sunday 29 January 2012

NAMED AT LAST...........................

I have owned a Sasha my first 60's girl since early last year possiably the year before but I never truely gave her a name, for a time I called her Sasha because she was the oldest girl I owned, but the name never seemed right. Then when I decided to go for a red haired 60's Sasha I put her on to sell to aid my red fund .

But my heart was never really in to selling her and I removed her once and then held my nerve to the end of an auction to see if she'd sell secretly hoping she would not.

Well she is still with me and the other day her named popped into my head, so much to her relief ( and mine)she is staying, she needs her fringe sorting out I may just have it levelled up or I may go for a complete re rooted fringe but not until after my Red is purchased. I did even at one point consider having her completely rerooted with red hair which would go so nicely with her lovely hand painted blue eyes but she would not really be a true 60's red ! She also has the floppy head  so will at some stage take a trip along with Percy to be restrung.

However I dressed her in some Rosie Bloom sandels and a Dress by Frances Tricket and I now introduce her with her new and final name of..............................


I do love Rosie's Sandels

I finally managed to get a picture that shows the starburst hand painting of her eyes, although of course a stray hair is crossing her eye!

I also took some pictures of all three of my 1969 Clan and have put them below.....

So here we have from the left Paris, Percy and Nancy, who is looking a bit smaller than the other two.

Such lovely hand painted eyes.

Well now I just need my Red Haired Sasha  and .........well I will need at least one brunette!

down the slippery slope I travel.....................................


  1. Paris is lovely! The dress is gorgeous! Beautifully made.

  2. Fab trio! I love the 60's dolls.....