Friday 27 January 2012


While searching the web a few weeks back I came across a Gregor on the ebay US site , he look very nice and was listed as a vintage early Gregor, so I put him in my watching and carried on. Over the next couple of days I studied his picture and  I decided that I was sure he was a 60's boy!.He was on at a very reasonable starting price of $119= £68
I continued to study his picture to make sure I was correct and then it happened ! His name popped into my head! So although I was only 99% sure he was a 60's boy I awaited the end day. The 11th Jan arrived and of course someone had placed a bid! What to do! were there lots of people posed to make that finally bid at the last minute?

Well I decided to bid anyway and put in a bid of $131 ( because I am supposed to be saving for my red !)which put me at the top at $127.50 =£83 and then I went off to bed has his auction finshed at 2 or the morning.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you ............................

PERCY...who finally arrived this morning , having made no stops on the way, this picture is straight after he arrived.
 He will need restringing which I knew.

The next pictures are after he had a nice wash and hair wash and is in the new Dollydoodles outfit that was awaiting his arrival.

such a handsome boy

In this picture you can just about see a couple of very faint white marks above his left eye and to the side, I'm not sure if its paint, so will be attempting to remove it once he has settled in to his new home. His stringing is white with pale blue flecks, if anyone can date him for me I would be pleased to know.

Now on a note from earlier, the name Percy popped into my head and stayed. I have found that if this happens I usually get the Sasha or Gregor in question..........I will also just drop at little ripple into the water and say that last year another name popped into my head be continued...............


  1. He's definitely one that can cause heads to turn. It's easy to see why you bid on him. I'm now looking forward to your next post even more than usual.

  2. He is gorgeous! A very sultry, coy look about him. Just lovely, if he doesn't mind being called lovely. Good find, Dee!

  3. I find exactly the opposite ..if I start naming them before I have won them I don't normally win!
    If he has flecked stringing in both arms and legs he is indeed a '69 boy.
    Glad he has found such a happy home..Welcome Percy!!

    1. yes he does have flecked stringing in both his arms and legs. So he is a 60's boy.. maybe thats why he has asked for scooter and a parker!