Saturday 28 January 2012

RED FEVER STRIKES.........................

After my blog on Reds and the beautiful pictures of Ellen's wonderful red haired Sasha's and Gregor's, I think one or two have been bitten a bit harder by Red Fever!!!

My friend Gill was inspired to finish paying for a lovely red haired slate eyed Sasha she had on layaway with Shelly and have her sent home to join her expanding family of Reds BUT while talking to me on the phone that day she saw a red haired 80's Sasha appear on ebay on a BIN and she promply bought her !!!!! So another is winding it's way to her as I write!

She sent me a picture of the new addition Millar and Lexi is still to arrive................

So that will be seven with Lexi's arrival next week.............

I decided on seeing Gill's picture to gather my reds together for a Red Photo..

Now who is missing as usual from this picture.......

Yes it was Grace again! She always seems to hide when I'm taking pictures of my Reds !  Now if you have seen my reds before you will see that two are missing Maisie a 90's Gotz who I sold to Gill last year and of course I now regret but do have first refusal if Gill decides to sell and Ginny my lovely red mohaired OOAK kelly girl, I loved her but I found that because of her Mohair wig I was always worried about handling her, so I made the decision to sell her and she has travelled back to the US to live with another Sasha family.
Now technically Phoebe second on the right with the bright blue eyes is a Pintuck but I do like her in this Auburn real hair wig from Shelly's, so she is an adopted red.

I do like to see Red haired Sasha's in blues, I think the colour suits them well. The funny thing is Mathilda was my first red head and my third doll but it took me a while to warm to her and now I just love the Red Haired Sasha's.
Now despite the fact that poor Mathilda on the right of the group picture is in the dark! I took some more pictures which I'm going to show you, of some of my non reds.....

Last year Gill's was knitting and selling on ebay a lovely cable sweater and I purchased one and then asked her to make me one as a sweater dress, so she adapted the pattern and made me one, well she also made some more to sell on ebay and I was lucky enough  to nab a couple.

I needed to change some of my girls out of the sweater dresses I have been making to sell on ebay for my red fund and found and dressed them in the lovely cable sweater dresses Gill had made. So below is a picture of four of the girls and also Adam in the sweater.

Now this picture could almost be a picture of me and my siblings because the hair colours and position in family,all apart from the red of Mathilda at the end is correct , if I had a brunette standing in Tilly's place if would be a match.
Starting on the far left we have Sapphire representing my sister Jacqueline ( but she has brown eyes) Nancy as Denise (me a blue eyed blonde) , Adam as my brother  Stephan , Liberty as my sister Michelle  and Mathilda as Susan ( but should be brunette), although I am sure Susan has probably dyed her hair red at some time in the past!.


  1. Lovely pictures of the reds...I am also a great reds fan :)

    1. you could send me a picture of all your reds together and I'll start a page just for pictures of reds.

    2. Leave it with photography isn't as good as yours (I just point the camera and hope for the best!) but I will give it a watch this space :)

  2. Love the reds as well! Who is the red on the far right of Gill's photo, is that her original hair?

    The sweater dresses are lovely and yes blue does look good on the reds.

    1. There red on far right in Gill's picture is wearing a real hair wig from Shelly's same wig that Phoebe is wearing.

  3. You have us all at it, Dee! Looking for redheads on Ebay as we speak! I think your doll Nancy might be a wide-faced Sasha. She looks very similar to my doll Iona! What do you think?
    Gorgeous pictures all round!
    Love your blog, by the way!

    1. I'm not sure Nancy as wide face I bought her from Shelly's site and do not remember it saying she was wide face in listing.
      glad you enjoy the pictures. :-)

  4. Hmmm - Must look again! But they do look very similar, those two. So many of these dolls have different face shapes, from one batch to the next. Is her hair very fine? This seems to be another characteristic of these particular dolls. Still, nice to know the date, if it is the same doll. Didn't realize she was a 1969. Thanks!