Monday 16 January 2012


Yes Boo Hoo! Yesterday on ebay I came across a listing for a Red haired early Gregor starting at £4.50!!
 There were not a lot of details but I know he was early, so I placed my bid  and knew I would have to wait 6 more days before he would finish and I would have to bid against anyone else who had spotted him..

I went to bed and it took me a while to get to sleep , thinking how much should I bid up to, how to rob Peter to pay Paul in order to put in a winning bid and would I manage to get him for a decent price and still have my arms and legs!!

I went off happily to work only to come home to find my bid had been cancelled and Gregor no longer for sale.......

The seller was a business so I did not realsie that their details, address etc and phone number were all available on the screen if you knew where to look! So no doubt someone made them an offer they decided not to refuse......................................................... Boo Hoo...

Anyway at least I will not be done for robbimg Peter!!!! but Paul may well have lost himself a few bob!!


  1. Oh that is so sad and extremely annoying! :-(

  2. Dee I'm sure DH Paul is always missing a few bob in your search for Sasha!!

  3. Michelle so harst! but so true.Lol