Saturday 14 January 2012


SASHA... taking a liberty with Nancy Sinatra's song 'These boots are made for walking', which by the way was the first single I ever bought and is around somewhere in the house even if there is nothing to play it on!!

What boots is she on about? I can hear you asking.....these boots.....

Made by Lisa Hartley and sold on Ebay , these are my Winter boots of choice for this season. I just love them as you can see by how many pairs I have.
They come in a range of colour suede, they are easy to put on over tights,socks, jeggings etc and help to finish an outfit . One of the things I love on Kendals blog is her pictures of her girls and boys wearing colour coordinated shoes/sandels with their outfits, they just finish the outfit so well.

I purchased an outfit on ebay recently , i was not 100% sure but I liked the look of it so bid and was lucky to win it, it is by Bello Bambino and I have added a pair of Lisa's pink boots to complete the outfit, I think they go quite well...see below..

Maybe not quite to Kendal's standards but getting there slowly...Lol.

My model today is Kirsty who had been rather neglected lately, she is very happy to be first to wear the new outfit and the soft pink boots and she gets to play with the teddie first too!.

Here are a couple of new colours that I received today a lovely rich purple and a soft baby blue.

Some of the other girls wearing these boots wanted in on the action so here they are.....

 Sapphire in burgandy, Kirsty in Pink, Liberty in Light Brown and Violet in Black.

Violet is modelling a kilt I bought on ebay, with a sweater by Gill and the Black boots to finish, a nice cosy outfit for these winter days.

Kirsty getting in one last time, showing her new outfit. Well now you can see why it will take me a while to save for that wish list of sasha's and Gregor' it me or is it the people who keep tempting me????...what's that about Will Power?  Is he a rugby player??????....never heard of him............. Oh Lisa what other colours are available ?.....Lisa...Lisa!


  1. Strike a pose! I love the third picture down where Kirsty is doing precisely that. She looks really good in her new outfit. It is quite different isn't it?

    I've recently got my first two pairs of Lisa's suede boots. I've got pink and blue :-)

    I've been sewing today, but only happy with one thing out of four that I have made!

  2. Very fun pictures today. Just what I needed to see on a day I'm sick with a cold. Anyway, I really enjoyed them. The new dress looks great. I'm so glad you got it, and I got to see it again.

    1. Hi Julie

      Glad they made you smile, hope the cold gets better soon.