Friday 13 January 2012


Well I finally managed to get round to looking at my Sasha's with a view to size and these are the two that I think show the size difference.

Nancy on the left is a 1969 FCP and Isabella on the right is a 1985 20th anniversary Sasha.

Grace was standing around nearby and she also wanted to get in on size issue.

Grace looks to be slightly smaller than Isabella but taller than Nancy. Grace is a limited Edition Kiltie.

Now I have decided to  put on my wish list of  Sashas/Gregors that I would like to pop round to mine and decide to stay! After I have no doubt passed over a large sum of money or sold my soul to Santa!   Yes Santa I could not sell anything to the other one!!! ( I wonder what happens when you sell your soul to Santa!)

A 1968 or 69 RED HAIRED SASHA........ Fund in progress
A Gotz Brunette no navel
A Gotz Blonde no navel
A 68/69 Gregor pyjama's
A 1968 Gregor shorts Red Haired
A slate eyed sasha
A 68/69 Brunette gregor
A 1968 Fringe Sasha  ( this one may have to fall into my path in a charity shop or other OMG ! thats a fringe girl at the unbelievable price! Stop shaking and pay the person then sit down quick and try not to laugh out loud  in a demented maniac sort of way)

 You can see it will be a long and expensive road, where decisions will have to be made , tears shed ( The DH's) bids placed, deals done, turns taken and opportunities missed ! But I know I'm not alone because I'm sure that as you read this list you will be adding or taking away your preferences
Or smiling happily as you tick them off and add a few extra's that you already have!!!!..but to those of you fortunate to already have all your list I will say this! the rest of us still have that joy to look forward to of obtaining that sought after doll........ok so you can sit and admire yours already ...but our time will come......
just not this week.....


  1. I treated myself to Nancy and she arrived in time for my birthday in July last year.
    Is my wishlist not restrained..Lol I thought I'd done well not to add so many more and I'm sure it will increase as I see another lovely Sasha that will take my eye and probably a Kidney!!!

  2. When Grace was a baby everything was organic!
    I wonder if they did not stopped making Sasha's,
    what size would be a doll made in 2010?