Saturday, 14 January 2012

EXCUSE ME........

'AHAH MM  Excuse me!

' Oh hello Nancy .Is there a problem?'


'Whats wrong, Nancy?'

' Did you or did you not name me Nancy after Nancy Sinatra ?'

'Well yes you know I did,being as you are a 60's girl'

' And have you not just done a blog about boots and mentioning my namesake and I'm no where in sight!!!!'


' You can say that again!'

'Oo  '


' Ok so we'd best put you in now '

'Thank you Mum'

'My pleasure Nancy'

Here we have Nancy in glittery tights....
' Glittery tights Nancy?'
' It was these or pink blue and white stripe! you need to get more tights'

Here we have Nancy in a purple and blue cable sweater dress, now do these pale baby blue boots go best ?

Or do the purple look better? theres only one way to find out FIGHT !!!'
'MUM '
'Ok  Nancy just a bit of fun!!'

I think we'll go with the.......

'Mum you have cut my toes off!!'
'Mummm !''
'Ok but are you happy now?
'Good but you know what we really need?'
' No what?'
' A nice pair of lilac boots!......................... Lisa .............. Lisa do they come in Lilac? and what about a nice navy blue or deep green?...... Lisa ..... Lisa.........Nancy is that woman running away from me????

All together now ' These booots are made for walking, and thats just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gunna walk right  after you......yeh thats you Lisaaaaaaaaaaa'

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