Tuesday 24 January 2012

A SASHA DILEMMA........................

Now You will know if you read my blog that I have a list of Sasha's/ Gregor's that I would like to add to my Sasha family and that I am selling a few things here and there, knitting for sale and also selling a few Sasha's....and here is my dilemma......I am at the moment trying to sell my limited edition Harlequinn, she is for sale on this blog and also on ebay. Now as is usual with me , I have been hunting high and low to find her original outfit which I had not left in box with her guitar and hat. I also need to find the outfit for a gotz doll I had sold to Gill.

Just when I was about to give up I found the box in plain view on top of the cupboard in the Sasha room, now I do have an excuse for not seeing it sooner being only 5ft 2 and the cupboard being over 7ft ! Smaller people have a tendancy not to look up! It's true... we only look at eye level unless in the supermarket where the shelves are getting higher and higher that soon we shorties will need to have a step ladder attached to our trolley's so we can reach our purchases without getting arrested for sizing up people to see if they can reach to the back of the top shelf!!

I digress.. I found the oufits in the box and added some that were sitting about waiting to be put away. So I have just been dressing my harlequin and therefore handling her and now I'm thinking, she is lovely and my only side part haired doll and her hair is so nice and still has the factory curl and her face is lovely........

I have added a couple of pictures so you can see her..

So now I do not know what to do!!! Keep her and take even longer to get my red or sell her hopefully and have more money in the fund!! I could leave her on ebay and if noone bids and she falls off at the end, I keep her or I could just pull her off now..........WHAT TO DO!!! this keeps happening when I think of selling a Sasha I do not ' play' with a lot or have not quite taken to......it's that Sasha drug that they all have impregnated in their bodies.........maybe I should put her in box until I see if she's sold......but then she wont be able to breathe!!!


  1. Ah, that is a difficult one, I for one think Harlequin is lovely (mine is 310) probably the minute you decide to keep her she will sell, that is what happened to one of my Sasha dolls!

  2. Ack, what a hard decision. Good luck making that one :) I love the idea of a step ladder on the trolleys. I would certainly put it to good use.

  3. I must admit I am not a lover of the later Tampa printed dolls I love the handfinishing of the earlier ones but I really like Harlequin. She is very pretty I love her highlighted eyes and hair style. If you are having doubts now you will regret it in the future. Several of mine I have regretted parting with although it felt right at the time...and I was desperate for a new fix :)

  4. She is absolutely stunning, Dee! The problem with the Harlequins is that they are almost too pretty! But, selling a Sasha is like selling one of your children. Don't do it, unless you absolutely have to! You are bound to regret it. Give her another chance!

  5. Thank you all for your comments. I have made a decision and I am about to do a blog to explain .

  6. Well, looking at those pictures, who can blame you, Dee! What a gorgeous bunch of redheads! Truth is, one would dearly love to own all the Sashas in the world! Look forward to your new addition when you finally have found her.