Monday 23 January 2012


and Gregor's.When I started to collect Sashas and Gregors I also started to collect  'props', ie things that would add a little something to a Sasha/Gregor photo, something that would maybe add a little action.

While searching the web I came across the American Girl bikes.There are a few different kinds of bikes made for her and a trike. I of course could not resist! I have always loved miniature items and the AG bike falls nicely into this love. It is made in such a way as if you were only the size of an AG doll you would be able to ride this bike off down the road.
It even as a working head light!

It even as a stand so you can pose your dolls without them resting up against something!

It has a metal shopping basket to hold their things, a mirror to see whats coming up behind and a hooter to warn other road users.

Adam is showing you how well he can sit on the bike.

And here is one of my favourite pictures so far,of Hattie out in the garden riding the bike with her friend Hoppit riding in the basket.


  1. My kids have the same AG bike,having it sent over at great expense from the US about 2 years ago:) AG things are so well made I just wish they were a tiny bit smaller and then the scale would be perfect but that said I love it also :)

  2. Oh I better not let my kids see that, as they will want one as well! It is wonderful is it not?

  3. Mine too came from US but managed to not pay a fortune for it.True it could do with being a little bit smaller but they look like their using their older sisters bike and at least they dont look like the kids I see riding round at the age of about 15 on the bikes they got when they were 9! or maybe I'm wrong and I need a tiny bike! Lol No My kids are not riding round with their knees (if they could bend) up round their chins Lol