Sunday 15 January 2012


to have a sort out of all my Sasha's clothing!
Today I went to the room I keep all my Sasha's and Gregor's and their bits and pieces and clothes in, well I say I keep my Sasha's and Gregor's in there but they keep appearing downstairs, in ones and twos and the next thing I know there are  a dozen or more chatting together in various places in the living room!

But I am happy with that because I like to see them and not have them hidden away.However I had only planned to go in the room for a moment to get something but three hours later, when my stomach started to protest that it had missed lunch, I realised that I have far too many clothes and things!

So over the next week or so I will be sorting out the things that I no longer need or was an impulse purchase and never used. I will list some of them for sale here so that I can avoid Ebay's expensive fees and some I will list on ebay when they have a freebie listing or if I'm not sure how much to charge.

I will also list my Harlequin here , she is on ebay at the moment so you can see her there if you are interested but I will be listing her here also and would be happy to put her on a layaway if that suits someone.
I shall be putting all money into my Red haired sasha fund I am going to give myself a deadline of the 1st july, which is my birthday to have obtained her or have put a big deposit on her.

I will be trying to set up another page to run alongside this one to put things on but I am still trying to work out how to do it, if I manage to do that , I will also put on a page where I am just going to put pictures of my ' Sasha clan'  because I like to look at pictures of other peoples Sasha/gregor's and what they are wearing and maybe you would like to  too.

So I'm off to try to set up a couple of pages wish me luck and lets hope I do not crash the whole blog!!!!!


  1. If you need help on setting up some new pages, just let me know :-)

    Good luck with the sorting and listing.

  2. Thanks Lorraine, daughter arrived home just in time to save me from bending your ear!

    Think I have the hang of it..time will tell...