Saturday, 7 January 2012


When I was looking for a Sasha gift for my friend Gill for Christmas I decided to get her a calender made of Pictures of her Sasha's.
I did not need to sneakerly ask for pictures as Gill and myself are always sending each other pictures of our new Girl/Boy, Dress/sweater/coat etc.Some of Gills pictures have been used on this blog. But I will say that it took a while to do because I had held all her pictures with her emails, so I have to find and download the pictures to the computer, then go through them and decide which pictures to use and which month to use them on.

Several hours later I had ordered Gill's Christmas gift! It arrived and I was very impressed with the result. So naturally I decided to order one for myself made up of picture of my Sasha's and Gregor's. This time I knew to what I was doing so moved the required number of pictures into a separate file on the computer and then went  and made myself a calender. It is cheaper to buy another calender at same time which I did because I wanted to keep one unused ( I did the same for Gill) and there are lots of thing they can print your pictures on. I also got a mouse mat and a note book. You could also get mugs, keyrings etc. If you decide that you'd like to do something like this I will point out that the picture you use on front of calender is the picture that is used to go on all the other items ( unless I alone could not work out how to change to any picture which is highly possiable) so make sure that the first picture is your favourite, below I have added some pictures of the calender etc..

On the left is calender open on April with a picture of Toby and Bob celebrating St George's day in union jack box, on right at top is front of calender with picture of nine of the girls in the Hats with Hattitude  pose, which I have inside as the september picture and is also on front of notebook and mouse mat as shown.

The calender hanging up ready for use, although I have not yet writtten anything on it......

A closer view of January's picture of Hattie on the bike in the garden.

Closer view of Toby and Bob.

I think this is a great way to display photo's of your Sasha's and also to have a keepsake that will remind you of your sashas and their outfits etc. The problem I found was trying to decide which picture to use and which to leave out! I could have done with a twenty four month year!
This year I'm going to keep a calender 2013 folder for pictures that I really like and then in november it will be easier to make next years calender


  1. And don't forget it will contain pictures of your 69 red Sasha...I am looking forward to you are too :) Not long now....

  2. I think that is a great gift!