Friday 6 January 2012


Now before you get excited I will not be getting my 68/69 red this month unless I win the lottery or come across one in a charity shop or sale where I pick it up for a song! and I most certainly would sing if that happened!!

I refer to the fact that my red haired Sasha's seem to be gathering together and taking centre stage in my home.

It started with Grace being put into the lovely outfit I received from Gill for christmas. Then I knitted a lilac sweater set which I put on Phoebe who is wearing a long red haired wig and she looks so nice she is still wearing set and I have not listed it for sale ( which is unheard of )  and now I have just received an outfit I purchased from the wonderous Sarah of Vintage Sasha which Hattie has snaffled , so the three of them are very pleased with themselves and standing in the living room holding court!

I took them outside for a photo shoot becasue the sun is shining although it is on the cold side.

Hattie in her new oufit, Sarah very kindly made the matching Hat.

All the girls together, Hattie is wearing a ballet cape to keep warm having refused to put on a cardigan or coat!

Here is a nice close up of Phoebe, her bright blue eyes look so nice with her Red hair.

Grace looks nice in the purple and white and I prefer her hair loose and not caught back in a clip.

And Hattie who says that her hat gives her a french look and did I know if the wonderful Helena Bonham Carter had any french connections? I told her only in that the French were probably appalled by her dress sense, she is now not speaking to me......

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  1. It is go good to see Hattie again...I have missed her :) (She looks fab in that beret!)