Tuesday 24 January 2012


If you read my earlier blog you will know that I was wavering on whether to sell my Harlequin or keep her.Some of you knidly gave me some reasons and thoughts to try to help me  and I thank you for them.

However from across the pond as they say came an email of pure joy and inspiration! Ellen Church kindly took time to help answer my dilemma with some wise words and also some photo's. I feel that Ellen should have a tag to her name for her love of the early Red Haired Sasha's and Gregor's , maybe The lady in Reds? The Crimson Lady?

Below are some of the wonderful photo's that Ellen sent of her Sasha's and Gregor's to help keep me true to my reason's for selling my Harlequin in the first place.

What a beautiful group of girls.

Beautifully dressed.

Who could resist ?

A great group of red haired boys...

And a group that any lover of red haired Sasha's and Gregors would be over the moon to have living with them...

So my dear Harlequin must move on to another home to give joy to another collector and I must stay focused on getting my Red haired Sasha by July ! The problem now is that seeing all these beautiful reds together means that this first one will not be the last hopefully..........

Once again I would like to thank Ellen for allowing me to share her photo's of her Red's with you and I shall be looking at them daily to help keep me focused.


  1. Such lovely Redhead Sashas....my favorites as well....they are simply breathtaking.....thank you for sharing the photos