Friday 28 June 2013


I thought you might like to see some of the behind the scenes shots that were taken on our visit to Kendal's.

 This is where Mossy is telling a pretty little brunette No navel that he really does not want to ride in her pram!

This is where the blonde no navel wants to hold Mossy but the brunette is having none of it!

I was worried they were going to start pulling on poor Mossy, so quick got the pram and had Mossy and Edward placed in to stop any more arguing!

 Here Edward is hiding in the bushes to escape riding any more in the pram!

 And here is Mossy hiding from the pram pushers, so he could watch the girl's having their photo's taken on the bench.

 And here is a photo of Mossy being caught trying to get in on the act!


  1. Oh! What another lovely surprise for me! I didn't know that there were a few more photos hiding in the 'wings!'
    An extra post featuring three of my favourite girls (and guessing obviously yours too!) Plus two of your wonderful creatures, top boss Edward Panda and cheeky Mossy Bear doing their best to escape these girls and their pram pushing activities.
    Many thanks again Dee.
    Can barely wait for your next visit.

    1. I do love the No navels and your girl's are especially nice ones :) the brunette does look quite put out with Mossy and determined not to hand him over to her sister!
      Just had a few extra photo's which the story line took shape as I put them onto post :)
      Looking forward to 'playing' with the brood again soon

  2. Ohhhh! Kendal you BEAT me into leaving the first comment :)

  3. It's lovely to see the 'behind the scenes' photos Dee! I think those little no navel girls are beyond cute, aren't they! Nooooo, I mustn't fall for more Sasha types, it's just too addictive!
    And I particularly like the photo where the brunette girl won't let the blond girl get a look in on Mossy! Brilliant!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, best be careful the No navel's sneak up on you! but so do Sasha's so no help there!

      Maybe you should get one later ;)