Friday, 21 June 2013


 Mossy and Edward arrive safely at Kendal's in the North, after spending the night sleeping in a hedge on the A50!

Fritz is there to greet them and welcome them in! Poor Edward can bearly move after all that riding!

They sit for a while chatting to some of the Brood. " Lady Kendal did say something about Bamboo sandwiches, no crusts? " queries Edward when his belly starts to rumble
The young girl looks up at Fritz, who goes off to the kitchen in search of Bamboo Sandwiches! Oh and honey for Mossy who shouts out his request as Fritz leaves the room.

 Meanwhile Arabella is chatting to one of the brood out in the garden.

"So " says Arabella " Lady Kendal only gets your clothes from the best fashion  houses?"
" That's correct " replies the brood girl " Mother is very particular about style and colour and of course Quality!"
" Oh yes yes I totally understand " replies Arabella feeling she's come to the perfect Sasha home..

" Yes " continues Arabella to her new found friend " Out of the display case and straight on!"
"Never! " says her friend
" It's true " says Arabella sadly " Now I have to save for another one "
" Oh poor you!. Let's go and see if Mother's made her scones yet "

Over on the other side of the garden Ginny is with the two little bears and two of the brood.

They are playing with the beautiful Lilac and white pram.

"Miss Ginny " Calls Edward
" Yes Edward !"

"Why are we always being put in Prams? Pram's are for dolls!"
" Edward pram's are for whatever we want to put in them " says Ginny firmly " And we are guests , so please just enjoy being pushed round the garden "
Edward, being a very polite Panda goes quiet and smiles sweetly at the girl pushing him.Mossy just sighs in disgust!

" Oh they are so Sweet " exclaims the pretty no navel girl pushing the pram.

Sally wants Mossy in the photo and he of course is more than happy to be centre stage!

He tells them all about Bear of the Month and how he really believes that he should really and truthfully be bear of the month EVERY month! and how Edward is a Panda and therefore should never have qualified for BEAR of the month! Edward rolls his eye's!
Mrs Mum send's Mossy and Edward to help Lady Kendal with the washing up, especially as Mossy was supposed to be at home doing theirs!!

Mrs Mum and Mr Dad are happily taking photo's of the brood, who love posing for photo's and happily stand waiting while the visitor's get the shot they need.

another three girl's pose for the camera.Suddenly there's a noise in the ivy above their heads and a voice cries " Ah! Oh! Oops!"

" Cough ! Oh hello girl's " says Mossy 

"What are you doing? " questions one of the girl's
" Who Me? Mmm just watching what's going on ! " he replies " I'm not trying to be in the photo...honest!"
"Would like a hand down?"
"Yes that would be good...I've left my Honey sandwich over there, I'd best go eat it"
The girl's help the little bear down and giggle as he wanders off.

The photo shoot continues with a certain bear doing his utmost to appear in all the shots!

" Argh Oooo " cries Mossy " you standing on my paw!" he cries at Harper who wonder's where the noise is coming from.

" I am so tired " Says Mossy "all this being centre of attention is very tiring you know!"
"Really " says Edward
" Yes It's a lot of work making sure you are in shot! and don't miss your chance!"

"Here Edward ! How are we getting home? My backside is sore from riding all the way in the side car!"
"Your BACKSIDE,S SORE!" exclaims Edward " You have no idea about having a sore backside! You should try riding the bike! "
"And another thing " he carries on getting into his stride " If I had not got the map off you we'd be in Scotland at this very moment!"
" Calm down " says Mossy " honestly some panda's do go on!"

"Anyway " says Mossy turning round to smile up at the studio girl " I've had a word with Mrs Mum and promised that you'll do the washing up all next week, so we can go back in the car"

"WHAT! "......


  1. mossy is incorrigible! Aren't Lady Kendal's brood wonderful, especially the studio girl.

    1. There is no keeping that bear down!
      Kendal's two studio girls and her studio baby are lovely, more photo's to come.

  2. If I didn't love Mossy so, I think I'd say he must be a sore trial to Mrs. Mum and the Sasha girls.
    Perhaps we should locate the one and only Lucas-The-Terror-Toddler and let him cub sit Mossy for a while, then little Master Green Eyes Bear would know which side his bread is buttered (honeyed?) on and be more appreciative of his current way of life.
    I'm so glad you had such a great time at Lady Kendal's house and I'm sure her girls enjoyed being in the story.

    1. Jenni,
      My girls LOVED being IN the story line for a change, rather than just viewing it on the computer screen, but there were a few that didn't quite manage to make it in the limelight this time so hopefully Dee will try to come over here again and give them a little turn.

    2. Jenni, I think that Bear know's well where his bread is best buttered/honeyed and although he loves getting about and into everything, he is good at heart!

      It would appear from Kendal's comment above that a few of the other's would have liked to have been included, so will have to give some of those a turn when Gill and me visit later.

  3. UNBELIEVABLE! Now why couldn't I do something like THAT!
    I have ALL the props that is apart from Arabella, Ginny, Edward and Mossy, (but could have used a couple more of my girls and have several bears {though not quite like Mossy....well there never could be any other bear to even remotely resemble HIM!})

    Love the bit of Mossy struggling up the front step into the hall. (Unfortunately noticed that the staple holding the telephone wire needs to be pushed in AND of course the door step could have been wiped free of dust....BUT I guess a girl can't do everything!!

    Not sure that 'I' deserve such a title although my daughter was 'Lady of the Manor' down in Eastling for quite some years!

    Enjoyed the clothing fashion chattering between the two girls sitting on the bench and of course the pram pushing session that I mentioned earlier.

    Funny that I don't think that I've ever thought of taking a photo of my three Cossette wigged girls together....or have I? (Unfortunately rather starting to forget little things like this nowadays.)

    I'm absolutely delighted to see Mossy here, there and everywhere in the photos. Tell him he's made my day today as well as his actual visit yesterday!

    I'm sure that I'll be back to comment a little more later on but PLEASE can you come over here again sometime soon?

    1. I am sure you would have Kendal if you were able to get about easier.What you need is a runner to boss about moving your Sasha's and props while you click away!
      You definitely deserve the title Lady of the Manor with the lovely afternoon tea that you provided :)

      I do remember saying to you about taking a photo of the girls together wearing the cosette wigs, so you may have well done so!But my memory like your's is somewhat sketchy.

      Mossy is still full of his trip 'North' and telling all the other bears that he is famous and someone asked for his paw print!! but he is not saying who, so that could just be bragging!!

      Paul and myself had a lovely time and we look forward to a return visit when Gill and yourself are available.

  4. Super - but then any story with Edward and Mossy is bound to be.
    I meant to say the other day how cute the motor cycle is. I just don't know how you manage to find all the accessories.
    What a lovely garden seat (throne) Lady Kendal has. How many Sashas could you get on it?
    Looking forward to the next instalment.

    1. Yes that is a lovely 'throne' garden seat Lady Kendal owns but due to iffy weather, very grey and threat of rain, I only took three Sasha's out at a time but I am sure Kendal could do a lovely photo of a bench full of Sasha's!
      I will be putting on more photo's later of Lady Kendal's brood.

  5. Wonderful pictures of the 'kids' at Lady K's :)

    1. Thank you, I hope Lucas is not casing the joint! :)

  6. Oooooh these are such beautiful photos! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. I love that all of Kendal's kids made you and yours so welcome.....and special sandwiches for the bears, how thoughtful!! Mossy is a brilliant little character, how could anyone not welcome him into their home with open arms!!!
    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the girl in the third from last photo, the one wearing red with brown pinafore and holding Mossy and George....what a stunner!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing photos of your lovely day out with hubby and Kendal, Dee!

    1. Thanks Sharon but with Kendal's Sasha's to work with they could not be anything else!
      The Bears were well looked after by the brood!

      Of course you love the studio,probably the most expensive Sasha shown!! Slip Slip.Lol

      Glad you are enjoying the photo,
      Dee x

  7. Particularly love the photo that goes with the wording....'What are you doing up there?' questions one of the girls.... as that is a fabulously posed group of girls all looking up at Mossy's antics and showing that wonderful sideview of the Cossette wig.

    Can try to do a benchful of Sashas by all means but doubt if they would all fit on there at the same time....but could try with just the bigger girls and then another with the lads and babies.

    1. That's one of my favourite photo's too , Kendal!

      You only need to do enough Sasha's to reach from one end of the bench to the other, maybe about 9 or 10 should do it, or you will be out there all day! You may want to put something along the back incase they fall through! or you'll be calling you brother Paul to come and pick up your Sasha's!!
      Or wait until I come up again and I'll be your runner and you can sit and click.. :)

  8. I have enjoyed this all so very much and laughed out loud.
    Just want to tell you Dee that I am the secret runner!!
    Hair, shampoo, laces and all things fiddly and and extra hand to keep the nieces and nephews in hand when they try to sneak off when they dont want to be photographed.
    What a super day you had and I am so sorry I had to be at my volunteer job.
    NEXT TIME!! xx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Sarah.We had a lovely time with Kendal and the brood.
      Glad to know someone helps Kendal keep the brood in check!

    2. Sorry to have missed you there x

  9. Sorry didnt see your comment about being the runner so we can share!! xx

  10. Hey I am happy for you to be the runner, I can click along with Kendal or write the story !!