Wednesday, 19 June 2013


finally the Baby girl's are changed into their summer rompers but I cannot find them to take the photo!

I was sure they were waiting here but now there is just a pile of toys!

Suddenly there is a lot of giggling and.....

The girl's appear from amid the toys.

 "Oh you cheeky lot! Hiding behind the toy's Can I take your photo now?"

 "The toys want to be in it too! All right, lets sit them up "

That's better, Oh Alfie ! Can you move over to the side ? That's a good dog!"

That's lovely girls stay still one moment ! Lovely.

Yes Alfie, I'll take one with you in to!

Ok one last photo, yes with the Blue noses! Now what good girl's you have been. I will go and get you all a nice rusk to munch on!
Thank you Rosie, Mimi and April, pardon! Oh yes , thank you toys...

Rompers by Ginny of A Passion for Sasha on Etsy.


  1. Wonderful post with the little tinies Dee...just a word though Shelly has been drawing on the bottom of Mimi's foot :) :) BEAR faced cheek! :) :)

  2. Thank you :) and thank you for pointing out the mark I thought it was a tattoo or a graffiti Tag!!
    I am sure I saw Shelly with a spray can down the underground the other day!!! :O

  3. Three lovely baby girls and wearing such pretty rompers! I like their cuddly toys too, they look so soft like velour!

    1. Thanks Sharon, Ginny of A passion for Sasha mkaes some lovely things for the babies, well for all the Sasha's and gregors to!
      The toy's are another thing that increased along with the Sasha's..slip.slip.. :)

  4. Must have missed seeing and commenting on this delightful post somewhere along the way so as the saying goes....'better late than never!'

    What a wonderfully thought out pose of your three little maids hiding behind the gorgeous selection of their soft toys.
    Both sets complimenting the other so well that it was difficult to choose which gets the priority viewing... BUT being a Sasha girl at heart it was those three little tots so prettily dressed in their new Summer rompers by Ginny that won!

    (I've always loved the baby rompers both on real life babies and the Sasha variety as it makes them look so neat and tidy and hides those bulky somewhat un-sightly nappies a treat.)

    Love how you have chosen the right coloured romper to complment the right baby's colourings.

    Alfie's such a sweet looking little dog that I'm pleased that he got into a couple of the photos.

    1. Thank you Kendal, I do love Ginny's rompers and she had just reduced two of these when I went to find something for the girls , who had been waiting patiently to be changed.
      So a great result in both price and look.

      Alfie is a very sweet dog , who enjoys watching whats happening around the village.