Sunday 16 June 2013


After many conversation's that started with " How many more of those doll's are going to be left standing about !" from the DH .I suggested that we put a shelving unit in the alcove in the living room. His reply was "Good idea but you are not filling it with those dolls!"
Well when he drew up the plans, there appeared lots of places ' for those dolls' much to my delight.
Finally this week all the parts were delivered from the DH's work and on Saturday he set to and put it all together.

This is the alcove cleared ready for the unit, now I love my wallpaper , so had him design it so that there would be no back but a small up stand on the back of each shelf to stop the books from damaging the paper.

Finally all the sides are together and ready for the shelves.

I forgot to take one with all the empty shelves but this is when we started to work out where each shelf should go and what to put on them.
It was also at this stage that we stopped for lunch and the DH decided that he did not think the fixings at the base were  strong enough to take all the weight of the books, so we had to take everything off , pull it out and add some stronger fixings!!
Of course when it went back I had another change around with the upper shelves .

So now the shelves have been moved to put the Sasha's in the centre lower down and easier to see.

We were off to dinner at Gill's so had to leave it at this stage with still more books to added and an adjustment here or there.

 It was a hive of activity at Gill's with some of her girl's round the lap top chatting to friends elsewhere in the country.

Some of other girl's had gathered to show me their nice summer dresses.

My two, Arabella and Callie went out into the conservatory to plan with the prams along with two of Gill's girl's.

I love this little Hagnolly dress Gill's girl is wearing.

Totally unplanned  both of our No nose girl's were wearing their new Catherine French dresses.

another view.

Well this morning it will be back to sorting out the shelving unit and finish transferring the books to it, then rearranging the Sasha's and then the rest of the room where there are now empty cupboards.

Today Milo decided to check out if there was a place for him! "What's that you need more head room!"

He checks out the drop! Not impressed he would have liked to have been higher but I had already filled that space.
And no  these are not all of my Sasha's etc but I do not want to fill these shelves with just them....however there is another alcove.......Paul....Paul about.....


  1. What a brilliant shelving unit! And I DO love those little dolls prams...


    1. Thanks Penny, It's so nice to finally have somewhere to put them!

  2. Only just finished writing a lovely long comment and then lost it all as pressing the publish sign. NOW have to start all over again!

    What a fabulous, purpose built shelving unit! Absolutely perfect for displaying the Sasha Dolls alongside the books and nick-nacks.

    I have to 'second' Milo in that I think that he should occupy the space above on account of the head room.

    Thinking that this is just what's needed here....although I haven't an alcove or much spare wall space left.
    Perhaps Paul might like to spend a week up here with his carpentry tools enjoying a bit of woodwork time? Though think that he might find it all too chalenging as there are far too many dolls and not enough wall space to house them.
    (So often wish that I hadn't had to move to a small retirement bungalow and still kept the four bedroomed house!)

    The two Catherine French smocked dresses are fabulous. Lucky you both! (I think that the blue spot one is one that Rosie S. was particularly coverting for herself!)

    Wonderful line up of Gill's dolls on the conservatory settee showing their Summer dresses.
    Great playtime scene of the girls playing with their prams and bike.

    Most enjoyable post. Thanks to you all.

  3. I will not be telling Milo that you think he should be centre stage, he is bad enough without encouragement!
    I would send him down for a week but need him here for the many other things I have lined up for him!!
    I recommend Judith who is a dab hand on the quiet!

    I'll say no more about Catherine's clothes apart from she needs an identical twin sister so they could make twice as much!
    Glad you enjoyed the post.
    Dee x

  4. Ps That the DH I would send down not Milo!!!!

  5. Fab display of the girls and boys Dee! I used to have my Sashas displayed in the dining room alcoves in our old house but when we moved here I decided to keep them in my bedroom as they are the first thing I wake up to in the morning and the rest of the family don't have the embarrassment of explaining to visting friends that their mum collects dolls :)

    1. I have a couple in the bedroom but I like to see them when I am in the living room.
      I think my girl's are well used to having an embarassing mother, after me singing "you can go but be back soon" when they went off to catch the bus to secondary school in the mornings and me singing as they hurried away down the road!
      Now they just roll their eye's and tell people i'm nuts :)

  6. Those are great dispaly shelves Dee, and perfect for your Sashas and all the other nice things that you can fit on there with them. I love the group shot of the kids in their summer dresses and those lovely prams. And I have to say that Milo looks particularly cute 'displayed' on his shelf!!!! He is a handsome beastie, isn't he!
    PS People think I'm nuts too....I think it's par for the course with us dolly collectors!

    1. The shelves are great, it's nice to finally ahve them! Had to wait three months for them to turn up but could not complain , as they did them for free!!
      Milo will want to get as high as he can and no doubt will at some stage try it!! just hope he does not land on a Sasha!!
      There are a lot of us Doll nutters out there just some of not come out of the playroom yet!!!