Friday 14 June 2013


Now at Dawn's do there is a sales tent.......those two beautiful words to a Sasha lover.This time , unlike at the festival, I sold a few things on ebay and saved a few pennies, so that I could buy what I wanted without having to spend ages trying to decide between two items.

Of course I could have bought twice or three times what I did , if I had never ending pockets but I spent what money I did have wisely.

Ashley is modelling a Dolly Doodles outfit which I am not sure if she made for a Sasha  or a

Gregor, modelled here by Toby, does she know she's gone unisex???
I think the outfit looks great on both.

Next we have Raven, modelling another DD summer outfit teamed with Boneka sandals.

Now the next item's I purchased I could not make my mind up on which one or possibly two to buy, here I was encouraged by both Plum and Cathy and also Callie to get them all, as Callie said close your eye's picture yourself at home, would you be thinking, I wished I bought the other one as well?
In the face of such help? what could a person do but buy all three!!!!!

"George come back here please"

" Quinn! Quinn can you look this way for Mummy please.."

"Quinn! Sit up now please, come along.."

" No..No ..Boys! Boys..come on you can play in a minute just let mummy take your photo...Please...George! Elton Ron...."

" Thank you Boy's you all look very handsome in your new DD outfits. "

I could not make my mind up between the one Quinn is wearing another in the reverse of white with blue and white stripe and was going to get both but then saw that the one Elton Ron is wearing had been put back, so went with that so his head would be protected from the sun, him only having such short hair. I am wondering if Plum and Cathy were on commission???? I seem to have gone down the blue route with my DD purchases , although I did love a red set and also a mint green set for Sasha but I could have spent twice what I did with Judith, her clothes are always so tempting and so beautifully made.

I purchased a few props from Catherine,s items. The kipling tart box's contains six perfect jam tarts!

Was also lucky enough to get one of her exquisite cardigan's in a lovely creamy lemon.

and another first I had spoken to her about a dress and I bought this lovely one which Arabella is modelling for me.

I do love smocked dresses and here is a beautiful one in lilac and white tiny check.

Here is a close up photo of the smocking.

 A view of the tiny heart buttons and cross belt.

Another look at the full dress.

I am going to tell you a story about the Sasha festival concerning Catherine's sales table. It was at the bottom of the stairs almost the first you came to, So when I reached it, I picked up two of her beautiful winter sweater's and then put them down, it was not winter why would I want one!...listen it gets worse... then I picked up a smocked dress but passed...yes..passed it over to Ronny you have not gone deaf..or miss gets even worse I also passed over a beautiful deep cerise cardigan with beautiful pointing...yes I know was I in my right mind ?..well it was the first ever festival I had been to and also the first time I had seen Catherine's work and did not know that it would not just sit about until I returned and I did not know what else was on sale , so I purchased a beautiful detailed waistcoat and went on my merry way ..of course when I returned all knitwear and dresses were long gone and when I got back home and looked back I realised what an idiot I had been!!!But there you go, you can but learn from past mistake's...Catherine really should be thankful that my mother raised me well or she could have found herself rugby tackled to the ground at Dawn's while I rummaged through her box of delights.
Oh and don't think there is not still an item I wished I'd bought from Catherine but that appears to be the way of it!!

I am well pleased with my purchases, this time and now must start saving for the Snap and Chat where even more goodies will be available......unfortunately Catherine's not selling any thing....but there will be lots of other great sellers there, so save save save...


  1. Didn't you do well?
    What lovely lovely things. The smocked dress is just perfect but how can you bear to take the cardigan out of the box? It's almost worth framing and hanging on the wall!!
    Your DDs too are super. But with those babies do you ever hear yourself saying 'George, don't do that'?

    1. I am so pleased to have got one of Catherine's smocked dresses and yes that cardigan could be frames as a piece of art.
      And I am always saying " George what are you doing?2 and other words along those lines....

  2. You got some fab stuff there Dee! Got a shock when I read my name but realised it wasn't me you were talking about :)

    1. Yes I have got some good stuff, finally learnt to buy quality! That was Norfolk Ronny not you, If it had been you Lucas would not doubt a have been pictured chasing the signets to reappear being chased by the swans!!!

  3. What a fabulous Sasha spend! I'm most envious.
    I always think that the sales tables are 'the icing on the cake' at these Sasha events.

    As you say it is so hard to decide so quickly about what is the best items to buy. I much prefer to have plenty of time to make these hard decisions especially when my Sasha cash is usually limited.

    I like Cathy's and Plum's advice though. Shall have to remember that when next have this opportunity.

    I had my own half sales table at the Sasha Festival so didn't get the opportunity to explore and see/buy as much as I would have liked to but was well satisfied with the few items that I was able to buy thanks to the sales of my own goods.

    Love the antics of your three baby boys! Pleased that you finally managed to get a good photo of them all sitting still and facing the camera in their attractive Summer-all-in-one DDs!

    All Catherine French's items 'are to die for!'

    1. Definitely a fabulous spend Kendal, could have spent more but was not greedy :)
      That is the problem of having a sales table you don't get to look about and purchase!
      DD's and Catherine French items what more could a girl want......well Vintage Sasha , Ruth Dolls , A passion for Sasha , Special delivery to name but a few..... :)

  4. Oh WOW Dee, you really did buy some beautiful things at Ruths! I love all of them but particularly like the smocked dress, the smocking is so perfect and neat! And little Arabella looks so pretty modelling it for you. I love the babies, you were very fortunate to get all three of them facing the camera for that last shot!!!

    1. Yes I did have a lovely spend up at Dawn's. Catherine is a very talented woman.
      I got that last shot of the babies just before they all crawled off to chase Milo down the garden!