Wednesday 19 June 2013

A TALE OF TWO.......


Now I have spent the last couple of years keeping my eye open for one of the French made pram's either a Doucet or a Red. But have always seen them after someone's bought them or in someone's photo.

Then the other week two thing's happened. Someone decided that they not longer wanted a pram I had shown interest in and it was offered to me!  I said no thank you !... Of Course I did not!! I said yes please can you give me a day to sort out payment.

Here it is a white Doucet , the perfect size for Sasha.

 A closer view.

Then a couple of days after I had paid for this pram and was waiting for it's arrival, a Sasha friend contacted
me to say that she'd been watching a pram on ebay but she had decided not to bid on it and gave me the link!

Well just after this I visited Dawn's and saw the lovely display of French pram's in all colours, so when I returned I bid on it and much to my surprise I won !.

It arrived today another Doucet pram but this time in French Navy and white.

I cannot quite believe that I now have two after looking for so long! There as also been two other French pram's listed and sold around the same time that I watched this one! So like buses they have all come along together!

The Navy one is a little more scratched than the white but a beauty none the less! So I will have to get on the sewing machine and make some covers and pillows for them.

This reminds me of something?

Yes that's right! Dawn's magnificent Bakers Dozen....
 I can feel a very slippery slope coming on........and it's entirely Dawn's fault !
After all, has Dawn know's it would be rude to refuse  :)


  1. Go Girl! You will get so much enjoyment out of your miniature prams believe me! I love my Red pram it is one of the best Sasha things I have bought!!

  2. I do love a bit of encouragement..Lol
    I love small replica's of things anyway and have always loved prams, big and small!
    Thanks for the thumbs up :))

  3. The minature prams are to die for.

    I did have three at one time, two minty ones and one that was in excellent condition but had lost it's apron along the way, but then it was suggested that I was being a bit 'greedy' when so many others were after one so I sold two of them on to friends and just kept the third.... BUT of course now in hindsight wish that I hadn't!

    1. Kendal you should never listen to others! If you are a collector you can have as many as you like!

      Should you ever have the oppertunity to get another, go for it! as Ronny would say! There are plenty of people out there with more than one and they are all so different, you need a couple at least in different colours!

      I think they are a good few out there that will appear now and then.

  4. Lucky lucky lucky. I can't even contemplate getting a pram for the dolls at the moment, though it doesn't stop me looking. One day perhaps...

    1. I am sure you will get one when the time is right!
      I had to look for so long but wanted the one's that were the right size. The French red pram comes in three sizes at least and some are really more toddler size than Sasha, so make sure you check sizes if you get the chance to get one.

  5. Oh Dee!!!! They're beautiful, well done for finding them and getting them! You have me thinking that it would be nice to have a pram come here, but if I had one pram, then what would the other girls play with? There would be a fight I'm sure!!! Then again....maybe they would be lovely girls who would share nicely!
    Anyway, back to your prams, they are really lovely and I agree with what you said to Kendal, if you're a collector of something then that it the operative word, 'collector'....and collectors collect! So it makes sense to get more!! LOL

    1. Sharon , I am sure your girl's would share..well after a tussel!
      The thing with these pram's is they are a bit like Sasha , you only want one and then you want all the colour's in all the sizes!!! lol
      just another slippery slope.... :)