Sunday 23 June 2013


Well it's been a very busy week, what with visiting and delivery's ! Sasha related and otherwise.Then the normal things that need doing, needed doing!

." Excuse me Mum!" says Nate " Can I have a word?"

"Of course Nathaniel, how can I help?"

" I just wanted to point out that you dressed me in these lovely Dolly Doodle clothes last week and You still have not taken my photo for the blog!"

"Yes I see but I have been very busy! " explains Mum " I have been helping dad! " Nate raises an eyebrow " Well I did move a lot of the grey bricks for him " mumbles mum.

"And I been to Kendal's and photographed her Brood " says mum defensively
"Exactly You have been taking loads of photo's of the brood and filling the blog with them!" says Nate " We don't mind but I think everyone's probably seen enough now and it's time for you family"

" Well let me start by taking your photo now, in the new DD outfit" says Mum
" I cannot stop now !" exclaims Nate  "It's been raining! and  it's time for dinner !You'll have to catch me later !"

 " Sorry Mum " says Nate heading for the door " Maybe you can use some of the brood's photo's for now ?"
and with that he vanishes inside in search of his dinner!!!


  1. So you have to make a DATE with NATE...but he does look extremely smart in his new threads :)

    1. So it would APPEAR that the DEAR boy is not that anxious to have his photo taken after all!! :)

  2. My Brood say that they are very sorry for filling the Village blogspot with their photos especially when Nate was patiently waiting to have his taken in his very smart new DD outfit. (I was wondering who had managed to snap that one up!)
    Nate, you look wonderful in that outfit with your hair colour. Thanks from us for being so patient.

    1. I think he just wanted to show off to your brood Kendal after listening all weekend to Arabella telling anyone who would listen and in fact anyone who would not!, about all the beautifully dressed Sasha's and Gregor's she met, that the village crew know how to look good too!!
      Well as long as they dont just rely on mum to sort them out!! :)
      He was quick enough to tell me to use more of their photo's when he realised that his Dinner was about to be put on the table!!

  3. Ooops, that's you told Dee!!!
    He looks very cute in his new outfit, he's a handsome lad!
    I hope you will give him some more attention Dee, or he might run off and come visit me here in Spain! He'd be very popular with his red hair, that's for sure! ;)

    1. He gets a good share of attention, well now and then!
      He does like to travel having started out in England then crossing the pond to the US and then back to England, so I am sure he'd like a trip to day.... :)
      For now he'll have to keep wearing that sweater until that one day in August when it's finally warm enough to take it off!!! :)