Sunday 9 June 2013


Yesterday I was luckily enough to attend the Sasha day at Dawn's house. I had missed last years trip after the festival due to other commitments. So was looking forward to this one and meeting up with people who had been at the festival or meeting other Sasha people who I had not previously met.
The DH had agreed to be chauffeur for the day and Judith, Gill and myself plus our Sasha's were taken off to the wilds of...the  English countryside to Dawn's.

We were the first to arrive after an very easy drive.

We were met by two swans and their four signet's, who have made their home at Dawn's for the last ten years.

Ginny and Ashley were first up to the door excited to get in and start meeting people.They knocked and waited but no one came.

Ginny decided to peer in the window " Hellooo!" she called " Helloo ! Dawn we are here! "

 " Can you see anyone?" calls Ashley " No? Then come down Mum and the others are going round the back "

This is Dawn's beautiful wisteria at the back of the house .
We were soon inside chatting to Dawn and looking at some of her wonderful collection.

These are some of her dolls with some pram's.Dawn has a few prams......

and these are the rest......

 A closer view of a few.I just love these pram and such a lovely range of both the French made Red and Doucet and lots of different colours. The Doucet are the correct size for Sasha and the Red's the slightly smaller ones.
We landed up having a big discussion about getting Silver Cross to start making a range in Sasha doll size the market would be huge.

Just had to include this side view, what a line up!! Oh Caleb asked that I point out he has a scooter NOT a pram!

Some more Sasha's etc in a cupboard in the hall.

These are some of the Sasha's , Gregor's and baby's in Dawn's doll room.

more doll room

Unfortunately the flash from the camera hits the protective screen but thought you would like to see the dolls.

some more lovely dolls.

 This is Dawn's Sasha baby nursery that she took to Stratford for the English Sasha festival in 2012.

 a view from the other side.

 Dawn also collects the Sylvanian family buildings.

I still have the one right in the back corner that belonged to my girl's which I use as a stable for my Cherish Teddie Nativity at Christmas.

 More dolls and buildings.

Back in the main house the visitors had placed their Sasha's around for all to admire.Here we have two NP's on the left belonging to Sarah P's and Three belonging to Jocelyn R.

Ginny stopped to chat with Catherine F's no navel in the pink and Ronnie W's three girl's.

 Anna and Rosie P's dolls found a spot where they could see all the action.

Lorraine's dolls filled a window sill all on their own!

Loved these two of Joyce's, especially the curly wig and beautiful smocked dress.

I think these belonged to Cathy and Plum.

Judith bought her toddlers who are wearing her new soon to be launched toddler range.Ollie being cheeky and riding on the duck!

 I spotted this little Morris Minor and Caravan on a low shelf.

Dawn very kindly let us see her studio dolls.

Another in her box.

A baby studio doll.

This is Charlotte and all her items that are part of our contribution to this years Festival in the US.

So many item's they spilled over onto a near by sofa.

 Ginny went for a wander round the garden.

 This end of house has a very Swiss chalet look to it.

 The fountain area.

Ginny with her back to the fountain and terrace area

 people milling round the garden

The swan's had moved down to the lake for a swim.

One of the visitor's little girl doing her impression of a Shepherd trying to get her sheep to move!

Ginny at the side of the pool , to show Nikita in the US we do have pool's even if we need to wear a cardie while we sit beside them!

Ginny sneaked out onto the balcony  and started calling " Toby'o Toby'o where for art thou Toby'o " and giggling , until I saw her her and told her to get down!.

These little dude's of Callie's were sporting a very fine perfectly sized boy's red bike obtained from Home Base for the princely sum of £40!! I am off to search of one in a minute.

Dawn even arranged a fly past by a world war two fighter plane.....that lady's got some style!!!

Well that's all for moment, I did not take any photo's of the sales's table but I will take some photo's of what I purchased and show you another time.
Hope you enjoyed looking.


  1. Ooooooh you lucky things!!!! I'm beyond envious!!! I'm only seeing the photos on my iphone but even in tiny size they look fantastic but I can't wait to view them on my laptop!!! The house and gardens look amazing too!
    I'm glad you all had such a lovely time!!!

    1. It was a great day.Lots of fabulous dolls and fabulous doll people, what more could a sashaholic ask for!!

  2. What a lovely day...and SO many Sashas! What a feast for the eyes, and I'm sure the company was lovely too. What a beautiful home and garden for the event as well. I hope I am not being nosy, but in one of the photos of the doll room, it looked like there was another kind of doll on the shelf below the Sashas. Do you know what they might be? I am always curious to see what kind of other dolls people who like Sashas like...thanks for all the photos, I'm with Sharon, just a bit envious!

    Kirsten in the USA

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    3. You did managed to delete it Kendal and I would think with the amount of dolls you have had over the years it is easy to get confused about which is which!
      It was a lovely day and would only have been made better if you had been able to attend but then from a purely selfish point of view you would have been too tired to work your Kendal magic on Anastasia for her photo shoot before she went off to her new mum!
      The photo on my post were taken both the Dh and myself , his plane one was great as I only managed to take a photo of the sky totally missing the plane twice! and Gill only managed to get a picture of the hosepipe!!!

    4. Hopefully this comment will be 'THIRD time lucky!' Must remember NOT to comment at the end of a day when I'm so tired!

      Firstly then, in answer to Kirsten's query about the dolls on the bottom shelf...those at the back with thedark beadyb eyes are Stupsie Dolls. Their bodies and limbs are soft and cuddly to the touch with their arms and legs having a wire through to allow them to bend and be positioned.

      Secondly, my sadness at being unable to go to Dawn's has been lightened with seeing these wonderful photos taken by Dee and her husband. A rare treat indeed for me to be on the viewing and not the taking end of things!

      Dawn's beautiful farmhouse looks as superb as ever with it's lake, swans and delightful garden. Fabulous to see the Wisteria in full bloom and the four little Cygnets enjoying life.

      The visiting Sasha Dolls all look superb as do Dawn's residential dolls (both in the house and up in the doll room) and her minature pram collection has definitely increased since I was last there.

      Super too to catch a quick glimpse again of one or two of her Studio Dolls....although would have liked to have seen a photo of my favourite one in the brown /white checked Gingham dress.

      Was most impressed with the special 'fly past.'

      Many thanks again to you both for allowing me this return third visit to Dawn's wonderful Sasha Doll home.

  3. What a fab time you all had with your Sashas! It is a real joy seeing them all! I managed to get a little joy of my own yesterday and will make an introduction soon :)
    Thanks Dee for taking the time to make such a nice post!

    1. Oooh! A new addition!! At first I thought a Gregor but then I thought a DOG! which will it be , we can only wait until you decide to introduce us..... :)

    2. Oooh spill the beans please!!! Spill those beans young lady!!!!

    3. I love the young lady bit:)

    4. Thought flattery might get me everywhere!!!!
      Obviously NOT!!!!

  4. It was a lovely day Dee, and I like the antics of Ginny and Ashley. Aren't Dawn's dolls and prams amazing! Me and my girl loved Dawn's garden and large pond/mini lake for the swans.

    1. It was indeed a lovely day and Dawn's dolls and pram's are a sight to behold.
      A beautiful garden and loved that a family of swans had decided to stay with them for ten years!