Friday 21 June 2013


Here are a few photo's mainly taken by Paul of the Sasha brood in the garden.

A Shelly repaint with a Cossette wig

Sally a slate eyed Gotz

A blonde Slate eyed Gotz.
The above three girls were the one's my husband Paul liked best.

I just love this Cossette wig on the Sasha's, so gathered all three of the one's wearing it to show together, the one in centre and on right also are Shelly repaints.

I just love this girl, her original eye paint with the beautiful Cossette wig makes for a Dee would love Sasha!

 a close up of the middle girl

 And a close up of the third girl.

These were three of my favourite of Kendal's brood, please ignore Mossy!

 a close up of her beautiful face.

Love this waif with the Damaged lips, such beautiful eye's.

Another gorgeous girl from the brood.Love the way her hair frames her face and such wonderful eye's.
and of course perfectly dressed to compliment those eyes.

And Harper , love the look of this girl, great wig and lovely Shelly painted eyes.

Another gorgeous waif looking fine in red.

A close up of her fabulous eyes.

One of Kendal's studio girl's who appears in the Sasha book.

 Kendal's second Studio girl , a farm girl but wearing a new outfit.
 Well that's a few to be going on with will add some more over the weekend.


  1. Dee! The NP WITH THE DAMAGED LIPS...that was the girlie you were meant to kidnap for me...and you ...FAILED...miserably :)

    1. I told you I am too honest, you'll have to send that Imp Lucas with a map, If Mossy and Edward can find Kendal's I am sure Lucas can!!
      And don't forget to give him his bus fare home, it's a long walk and he may sell her for a train ticket! :))

  2. Ah..... Had I known you were going in time to look through Kendal's blog and remind myself of her name, I'd have had you kidnap Harper to order too! Well, having lost my lovely boy Rhodri to the kidnapper of Shropshire, perhaps I wouldn't be so cruel to Kendal....maybe you could just have scalped poor Harper and sent me her beautiful wig....?
    Or, if Kendal reads this and remembers what the wig is called, perhaps Harper could keep her tresses. She's my current favourite of Kendal's girls.
    Jenni xx

    1. Poor Rhodri out there on the kidnapped list :( there is always hope!
      Kendal just beat me to getting Harper from Shelly's, just love her and her wig! Looks like we'll all be out there trying to find this one like the elusive Cossette wig , you only see on a Sasha and then we'll be scalping some poor Sasha to giet this look !! :)

  3. Looking from the above comments that it's just as well that the bungalow is well alarmed and the dolls all insured!!!

    Gosh Dee! you and Paul must have been really busy hustling and bustling these dolls out and back in again. You should have asked me for an Ikea large blue bag and bungled them all in and saved on the footwork.

    (Will try to locate the name of Harper's wig for Jenni but I do remembering asking Shelly at the time and she couldn't remember and I don't really want to take it off as might not get it back on as nicely.)

    I'm really thrilled, Dee (and Paul,) to now know which are your favourite of my Brood as I think that after a little time every Sasha collector starts to look for the certain details that they have discovered that they like or prefer....(but which can, as in my case, often tend to change over time just to complicate things.)

    I'm not sure that anyone can actually ignore Mossy!

    1. OOOH, NO.... No Harper scalping please Kendal! I was kidding, honestly Harper, your hair is your own, I promise.
      Is it acrylic though? I can start researching for one like it if I know what it is made of. My last little girl from Shelly's site is a puddle-eyed brunette with falling and junior stylist rearranged locks. I want to get her something special.

    2. Kendal, It was fine just going and selecting this Sasha or that Sasha to take out into garden!
      And we only touched the surface of your Sasha's I am sure there will be one or two other favourites , after another photo session! :)

      And it's true no one can ignore Mossy!!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! What a delight for tired eyes! I absolutely loved all the photos, the girls are gorgeous. I am another Harper fan too, she's such a sweet little girl and so different with her curls. I have a friend who is very good at recognising wigs and am going to ask her if she knows which one this is. In the meantime, you have here some of my favourite of Kendals dolls that I've seen on her blog....although I have to say that it really is hard to pick favourites, when they are all as delicious as this!

    1. I have always love the girls in the Cosette wigs. They look like little girls who have been playing and having a lot of fun. What a shame they are no longer being made.
      It's great that Kendal is so generous with her photos and lets us all see her wonderful brood. Lucky Dee, getting to meet them in person - not to mention spending time with Kendal herself!

    2. They are so gorgeous Sharon, the camera just loves them!
      I hope your friend can recognise that wig, I to would love to get one for a Sasha and if she know's of one that would be a very close match to the Cossette that would be another I'd buy!!

    3. Jenni, It was so wonderful to get to play with Kendal's brood and I only actually handled some!
      There were so many that needed some attention but alas not enough time!
      And It is always a delight to spend time with Kendal and talk Sasha's and Life !

  5. I agree with Sharon - they are all so lovely. It is only possible to pick one when you're looking at her, as soon as you move to the next picture that's the favourite!
    Do the Studio girls have names?
    If you did manage to do a throne full of Sashas I'm sure naughty Quirky would be up to the same antics as Mossy!

    1. They are all lovely Rosie and your favourite can change as you say from putting one down and picking up the next.
      kendal definately has the eye for the perfectly beautiful Sasha!
      I'm sure Kendal will let us know if the Studio dolls have names.
      Unfortunately Quirky was still on the naughty chair in the hall, photo to come, because Lord knows what him and Mossy could have got up to together!!