Friday 7 June 2013


The weather is so nice Storm's taken Diggory out in the pram into the garden.

" It's lovely and warm " says Diggory enjoying his ride.
" Yes " says Storm " I wonder.." she stops talking to listen

" Hello!" calls a voice.

She looks up to see a little girl waving to her from the grass.

Storm takes Diggory over to where the little girl is sitting.
" Oh , I am so tired! " says the little girl " I was showing Marjorie the garden but she is so heavy I had to stop and rest"
"Hello I'm Storm, it is very hot to be carrying your bear about you can put her in the pram with Diggory if you like "

" Oh Thank you " sighs Summer placing Marjorie in the pram " My names Summer and I only arrived here yesterday "
" Are you going to live here? " asks Storm in excitement
" Yes . Mrs Mum said that She wanted me to be friends with her other little tot! "
" Yippee! " cries Storm " That's me I'm her little tot !. Mrs Mum and me was hoping Lonely would come here but she went to live with another nice lady, so I told her that was good but the babies are to small to play with all the time and the big children keep going to some place called School?"
The girl's smile happily at each other.
" Come on I'll show you where the Dragon lives"
" A real Dragon? " asks Summer
" As real as you and me " declares Storm.

" Hello Margerine " says Diggory " That's a strange name for a bear !"
" My name is NOT margerine ! It's!
" your very PINK! " Diggory carries on " must be one of these trendy young cubs "
Marjorie realises it's going to be a long journey....

Meanwhile over on the bench some of the bears are enjoying the afternoon sun. Gertrude suddenly stops mid sentence and whispers  " Oh No Look! Look over there! There is Storm.....with a pram!"
" Quick quick lets hide before she see us and puts us the that pram of hers "

Within minutes the bears have vanished into the plants..well all except Mossy whose decided to turn on his front and bury his face in the bench so he cannot be seen!!
Despite Edward calling him , he stays still sure that Storm will never notice him! It's so warm , he falls asleep with his little hairy backside sticking up into the air!

The girl's are getting on like a house on fire, chattering and giggling.

" Come on " says Storm " Drago lives down here" they set off down the cloisters .

Much later after their visit to Drago ,the girl's settle on the bench , much to Mossy's surprise!having been once again pick up and hugged to Storm side.

After a while they are joined by Sophie.
" Hello girl's are you having a good time?"
" Yes " they say together before giggling
" Good " smiles Sophie " I saw you earlier sharing the pram So I thought I'd bring you this"

" Hurrah! " cries Storm " another Pram! Now we can have one each "
" really ?" asks Summer
" Yes " replies Sophie " This one's for you Summer, so you can push Marjorie around "

rest over the girl's are quickly off the bench and arranging the bears in the pram's ready to take them off for a stroll round the garden. Sophie decides to sit in the sum for a while and watch the girls.

Mossy's confused he was sure he would not be seen and he is also sure someone's whacked him on the bottom because it feels really hot!

When the bears are settled to the girl's satisfaction, they head off down the garden...


  1. Fabulous post title using a combination of their two names! (Why can't I think of things like this I keep asking myself???? and the only answer that I keep coming up with is 'You're just too old and past your sell by date!!!!)

    Delightful little doll's prams with their tiny teddy bears.

    Pleased as usual that my friend and favourite bear, Mossy is getting into this post as well. Love how he thinks that 'by burying his head in the sand' so that he can't see what's going on that the other's around won't spot him. Great backside, Mossy!

    My favourite photo here has to be the second to last with Mossy sitting in Storm's dolls pram, just where he had hoped NOT to be!

    Superb story and post. Many thanks indeed!

    1. Kendal you are too busy caring for all those Lovely Sasha's and taking fabulous photo's to be worrying about thinking up story's!

      Glad you enjoyed it and I will not be telling Mossy you said he had a great backside or we'll never see the end of it? he'll be sticking it in shot every chance he got!!

  2. Ooh! My Bobette, Noelle, has one of the little Maileg prams but I never thought about letting Mum's Esther try it out.
    I love the toddlers' dresses and Summer's little hat looks great with it. Is it the same size as the Sasha hats? Esther might like one. Her wardrobe is very limited.
    J xx

    1. The little Maileg prams are a great size for the toddlers. The toddlers dresses are by Ginny of A passion for Sasha and Hattie makes the hats to fit the toddlers in a range of colours. :)
      Dee x

  3. Awww what a lovely and cute story Dee! Loved it !!! Those little bears are so funny running off to hide like that and Mossy! He's such a character, he really is!!
    I love their little prams, just the perfect size for them. It's really great that Storm has a new friend in Summer to play with, and I look forward to lots more adventures in the future!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, glad you enjoyed it :)

      That Mossy's burnt his bum so maybe he'll be out of action for a while.....or maybe not...
      Yes these two I think will be getting up to a tale or two over the summer
      Dee x

  4. He he he great story and so funny as usual!
    You're not going to believe it but my Mum's name was Margery and she got called Margerine at school!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Rosie.
      Oh your poor mum I bet she was really annoyed to be called that!