Sunday, 16 June 2013


Well not this week in this house! The DH left me to sort out mess of living room....sound familiar? but only because he wanted to get on with work on the front garden. We are doing away with the grass and have had bricks delivered to tidy up the edge and hold down the weed suppressant membrane.
Of course he asked if I was going to help!! I did go out and move loads of bricks to save him having to walk back and forth.

Then he called me out to say that he was having trouble getting rid of the bump in the middle of the membrane! You can see the bump just before the spade!

Upon further investigation the cause became very clear !

Yes that's right MILO!

"Do you mind! I am trying to sleep here!"

He did come out later only to sit beside the DH and watch him work but he moved before I could get that shot!


  1. Oh Gosh! A husband of many talents then!
    Just what we all could do with!

    Pleased to be seeing the before, or should I say the beginning, and look forward to seeing the final result.
    IF (and I'm in no doubt that it will!) it passes my test and gets my approval, my daughter needs her front lawn down in Bletchingley in Surrey having just that done, so then I'll hopefully be saying the opposite of Lord Sugar to the young apprentices and saying, "You're hired!!"

    Loving Milo's antics.

    Disappointed that the bench with the little bears sitting on it has now disappeared from the new shelving. Any chance of it being put back? I can do without some of the books instead!

    1. He is indeed a husband of many talents, I wish I could clone him, for I always have another job waiting in line..much to his disgust! Lol

      I am glad you said that about the bench of bears, because Paul said having them on there was wasting space! So I moved them off ! but they may return when I ring the changes of Sasha's etc.

  2. LOL Milo is a real character! Thank goodness your hubby didn't try to stamp the lump down with his foot or hit it with a shovel.......we do NOT want a squashed Milo cemented into the garden path, that's for sure!!!!

    1. Luckily for Milo we have learned to look before me jump!!
      Don't think hubby would be too pleased if he had to take it all up to get him out!!