Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Ginny's been looking for Mossy all afternoon! He is supposed to be helping with the dishes for shutting Gertie in the box and telling her he was going to send her home once and for all!!
Mum was still trying to decide if he will be allowed to go with them to visit Kendal!

"Hello Paige , have you seen Mossy , he is supposed to be doing the washing up!"
" Yes I saw him with Edward earlier"

 " Which way did they go?" asks Ginny

"North " replies Paige " They said not to worry and they would see you there"

Earlier this afternoon.....

"Now tell me again" says Edward " Why we are going ahead of Mrs Mum and the others ? "

" I told you Edward! We are scouting ahead to make sure there will be no hold ups and that we take the correct route "

"Mmm are you sure it had nothing to do with Gertie and a box? " queries Edward with a knowing look
" Well..what..No! " stutters Mossy " You can just not help some people! She is always saying she wants to go home! "

They reach the end of the drive.

"Right" Says Edward "Which way? "
"Right " says Mossy
Edward goes to turn to the right
"Where are you going ! It's left " cries Mossy
" You just said right!" complains Edward
" No you said right  so I say right " argues Mossy
Edward takes a deep breath "Which way is north? " he asks calmly
" Right " Edward goes to turn right again " No Left Norths left! " cries Mossy " I wish you'd pay attention or we'll never get there!"
Edward turns left and decides to get hold of that map the first chance he gets to see the route or they'll not get there until the others are on there way home!!


  1. Oh Boy! Am I in for a treat tomorrow then!

    I shall have to keep a good eye out for these two extra special visitors coming under their own steam as they will most probably arrive way before you if bthey can make up,their minds whether to go 'left or right!'

    Best prepare a little bamboo/honey sandwich treat since they will no doubt be very hungry after their long journey.

    What a delightful little motor bike and sidecar.
    Just the perfect size for them. Oh, I do hope that they take extra great care on these busy roads and arrive here safe and sound.

    Until tomorrow then!

    1. Yes I just hope they arrive before us or at least while we are there! Or you may have to put them up for a day or two until I can send their petrol money...I hope they remembered to take petrol money!!
      That's very kind of you to feed them while they wait for us to arrive, they deserve to be made to wait outside until we get there!!
      Looking forward to catching up tomorrow
      Sasha Love Dee xx

  2. You will have a lovely time at Kendal's place, she is a wonderful host and has the most amazing collection and lovely conservatory where she photographs her dolls. Have a great time and say hello from me :-)

  3. Have a fab time!! Hope the journey won't be too unBEARable :)
    PS What make of black car is sitting on your driveway?
    Fiat? Micra? Know for sure it is definitely NOT a VW Beetle :)

    1. I can BEARly wait!

      If I say it's a VW Beetle will I come home to find Lucas as been and stripped it for spare parts! :) so just in case he's heading out the door as I type, it's my little battered Mirca , which my girl's say needs a rubber ring round like a bumper car due to me hitting the odd inanimate post!! :)... i'm a good driver really :))

  4. :) :) If it was a Beetle then it would have definitely been stripped down for parts :) Nothing wrong with a Micra, they are great little cars! I used to have one!

    1. Thank goodness it is NOT a beetle then :)
      Mirca's ARE great lttle cars it's true! Very nippy and the dent's just add to it's character!! :))

  5. Oh those bears are soooo daring and adventurous! I love their motorbike and sidecar, Dee you think of everything!!
    I hope you have a super time with Kendal today, she is a lovely lady and has been mega helpful to me in my quest to find my wider faced brunette. Send her my love please! And give her a big hug from me too!

    1. I will give her your love Sharon, she is a wonderful Lady with a fabulous collection, that she is happy to share with all Sasha lovers.
      Those bears can be too adventurous for their own good sometimes!!
      Hugs Dee