Saturday 22 June 2013


We took these photo's of Kendal's brood where they stand placed about the house , in all the room's enjoying meeting the guests that come to visit Kendal.
They are also available to pass a word here and there with their mother, as she passes by.




















Finishing with Kendal's Studio baby in original outfit.
Hope you enjoyed your trip around the house and catching the brood in their places for this summer.


  1. Gosh Dee! I can hardly keep up with your blog postings over the last day or so!
    My, you and Paul must have certainly worked hard to get all these photos done in just that time.

    I'm still being continually intrigued (and kept slightly on edge) to see which dolls you actually photographed outside and which you didn't.
    Did any of the lads or babies get taking into the garden or are they still on the 'to-do' list on your next visit.

    I'm still rather upset that your day here was basically dull, overcast and humid whereas before and after your visit we've had brilliant hot sunshine....although this might have not been so good and causing shadows for the photograhs.

    IF I get a spare minute I might try to photograph to show the whole rooms or areas to pinpoint just where the various small doll groups are positioned but am busy planting out my Runner Beans into the containers at the moment.
    But basically photos nos....
    1-5 are in the living room.
    6/7 in the hall.
    8-12 in my bedroom.
    13-20 in the spare bedroom (or doll room as it has been nicknamed.)

    Quite enjoying seeing them all in 2D format for a change so thanks.

    1. Kendal, we took the words' you have free reign ' to do just that!
      We photographed every group in the house where they stood and then took just a few at a time out into the garden for a photo shoot,as due to dull weather the conversatory was not bright enough.

      We did not take any baby's or Boy's outside and only really a very few girl's, so many more need the 'village'touch! next time we come.
      We were very lucky that it did not rain, so we were able to use the beautiful setting of the garden bench and ivy arbour.

      Glad you are enjoying the photo's.
      sasha love Dee xx

  2. I was so thrilled to see Bea, the little toddler girl. She has always been a big favourite of mine amongst Kendal's dolls.

    1. Yes she is so sweet but I near missed her but Kendal made sure we met :)

  3. What lovely photos of Kendals dolls, and her home....I love to see how other people keep their dolls, such as do they keep them in one room, do they spread them around their homes etc etc. I was expecting Kendal to "tell herself off" because her boys are not yet in their summer gear!!! I was then going to say that some of my bjds have been in summer gear all through the winter!!! OOoops! But of course she didn't say it! LOL
    Thanks again for sharing all the photos Dee and for having such lovely dolls for us to see Kendal!!!

    1. I try to respect my 'boys/lads' wishes as they like to stay in their trendy Winter Dollydoodle gear for as long as possible (usually until the heat finally gets just too much for them!) so they are always the last to get changed and into their Summer DD shorts and T shirts (which incidentally suits me too as I still have enough clothing to hopefully change most of the girls again and then afterwards see to Bea and the fifteen babies.)

    2. Yes I to like to know how and where people display their Sasha's. It was lovely seeing how Kendal displays hers.
      Kendal's boys are very wise with the way the weather keeps changing down here rain, wind ,sun , hot then cold again! I am sitting here in a big jumper that I would not usually need in JUNE!!
      So leave them baby's and boys in their winter wear and you may need to find some cardies for the girls at this rate!!