Wednesday 5 June 2013


I received this little pram today.I had seen it on ebay and wondered if it would be the right size for the Sasha's.It's a Carrie pram and is in green plastic body with white/cream handle and silver wheels.

A very good pram for those that do not want to pay a fortune or cannot find one of the more expensive French prams.

Here is Sophie showing how it's the perfect Sasha size. She is giving one of the bears a ride.

So this is one to look out for if you would like a pram for your Sasha's.


  1. Lucky Sophie....and lucky 'teddy going for a walk around that gorgeous garden.

    I have seen this little pram in action with the Sasha Dolls on several occasions before and so knew that it is the right size for them.

    (BTW this girl's name was originally spelt 'Sofie' by the Gotz company in case you wanted to revert to the German spelling of it.)

    1. This Pram is such a good size and was very cheap compared to others.I just need to make some covers and a mattress.
      Steve told me they were right size for Sasha's, I know some of the french red make of pram's are a little small and I am terrible if they don't look right size :)
      I will stick with English spelling or I will be changing from one to the other half way down the page!!!

  2. I love to see Sasha girls with their prams, takes me back to when I was little and would spend hours playing with my dolls pram (although I used to put any unsuspecting furry animal in it and take it for a whizz around the garden:)

    1. I love to see the Sasha's with their prams. I to had a beautiful navy blue twin ( always loved twins) silver cross pram which my mum saved hard for and which my darling younger brother removed the springs from and lost them!!
      Only doll's , well and maybe the odd cat , were allowed in my pram!! :)

  3. This is a great little pram and just the right size! I think my girls might need something like this in the future....oh boy!
    I used to have a navy blue and silver pram for my Teeny Tiny Tears and it had a beautiful pram set made of white broidery anglais that my mum made for me. I loved the pram and the little shopping tray underneath, which I used to carry real shopping in!
    My mum ended up selling the pram to a neighbour when I no longer played with it. I was horrified when I saw them using it just like an old go-kart, taking turns to stand or sit in it and run it up and down the street!!
    Sob, my poor pram!!!
    Well we all know that our Sasha's are very nicely behaved children and wouldn't dream of doing such a thing.....!
    Big hugs Sharon x