Saturday 22 June 2013


Going completely off the subject of Sasha's and their bears.I thought I would show you what Paul did with the front garden in between putting up my new shelves for Sasha and taking the bears, Sasha's and me to visit Kendal who lives three hours away.This is during our week's holiday from work this week.

This is a photo of part of the front garden where the grass is always covered in moss and seeds itself in the borders.We decided to do away with it, the grass that is ,So shown here is where Paul is starting to cover the grass with the membrane and edge the borders with grey bricks.

Here all the edging is done and the membrane laid and we are waiting for the 4 tons of pea shingle to be delivered.This view is from house out towards road.

 side view from drive

View from corner of front wall back to house.

This is what four tons of pea shingle looks like, well almost he's already emptied one bag onto membrane the  evening before we set off for  Kendal's and this is Friday morning ,still has four to go!

Finished!. View front house to road.

 View from side of drive.

View back to house from front this photo you can see how the garden tilts due to us being on a hill. 

A slightly more level view but you can still see at top by the large pot how much the garden drops away on that side.
I would love to say that I helped but in truth I did a very very tiny bit and everything was done by Paul on his own and what a great job he did.

Hope you enjoyed this non Sasha post.


  1. wow it looks good, and I bet the Sasha family and bears will be out there soon to explore.

    1. Thanks, he did a great job.
      If I let them Sasha's and bear's out the front they'd be off down the road annoying the neighbour's!!

  2. can you send your superman hubby round to mine !, ive got to paint the bedroom, hall stairs and landing, kitchen and I maybe being optimistic but the lounge too and ill get absolutely no help, just maybe lots of advice about how im not doing the job correctly (grrr)....your very lucky to have such a wonderful hubby, the shelves and garden look fab xxxxxx

    1. I'm like you Sarah, I do all my own decorating and just lately been doing some VDub stuff (with the help of youtube!) At least if it doesn't go right I have no one to blame except me :)
      Amazing job on the front garden Dee! If your husband is that good perhaps you could get him started on Sasha re roots :)

    2. I would sarah, he loves Cornwall and he is excellent at decorating! But he's back a work tomorrow :( , so everything will come to a halt!

      And Ronny don't think I have not considered getting him to try a re but sometimes you just have to know when you are going a step to far :))

  3. Oh Dee! It looks absolutely wonderful. What a clever and hard working husband you have there. He must have been worn out already before having to drive up here after all that heavy work

    I love the shape of it, all curves with not a straight edge in sight. That's what I'd like mine to be like but since the overgrown shrubs that destroyed the lawn underneath have had to be cut back I've had to sow some more grass seed to allow me to do this.

    As they are always saying on these house and home programmes....'It certainly has definite curb appeal!'
    Congratulations and well done Paul!

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  5. Sorry had to delete the reply to Sarah and Ronny that appeared here for some strange reason!!

    Thank you Kendal, we think it looks good.I always like the garden to have some curves and twists in it and so it was with this front garden.
    Atleast we no longer have to mow the grass come moss out there, so one less job to do.

    Now it's out to the back garden to move and improve over the course of the summer, that if we actually get a summer!!

  6. such a great job, do you send him out to do requests!!

    1. I would but he is a typical man and only does what he wants to do, when he wants to do it!!
      People could be waiting a long time for him to turn up!! :)
      and I do have a project lined up for him! giving me some Sasha space in his workshop ! That could take all summer!! :)

  7. The garden looks really lovely Dee! Well done Paul, keep up the good work. Actually if you ever fancy doing a bit of design on a garden in sunny Spain.....!!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, I am sure he'd love to go design and work on a garden in Spain :) unfortunately for him, I have a list as long as my arm of jobs awaiting his talents and then his daughters are starting to say " Dad could you come and make me.." mind you if a worn out looking bloke in dark glasses turns up with a trailer of plants he's raised and propagated, looking for a hide out you'll know he's escaped!!! :)