Monday 17 June 2013


Ginny goes into the play room and find's Arabella.

"Hello Arabella, what are you doing?"

" Hello Ginny, I am putting up this work of art "

" I thought that was a cardigan that mum bought at Dawn's? " says Ginny mystified

" Yes " she says looking closely " that's the cardigan"
" Oh Ginny Darling!" sighs Arabella " can you see it's a Catherine FRENCH ! One off original ! extremely hard to find ! and a Work of art that deserves to be kept behind glass  "
" Oh!" says Ginny trying to see what Arabella is on about " like Hattie's hats?"
"No not like Hattie, she's not there ..yet "

" Come along I will show you my magazine's with all the best designers, Armani, Ruth H, Chanel ,Vintage Sasha, Gucci, Vivian Westwood,Catherine French, Versace ! to name but a few!"
Ginny is impressed that Arabella knows all these people, she's heard of a few Vintage Sasha, Ruth H and of course Catherine French but she thought Liberace played the piano!

A little while later Ashley comes in and looks through the drawers searching for something.

Turning round she notices the cardigan. " What a lovely colour !"

"Arh! What have you done!" cries Arabella coming back into the room to find Ashley wearing the cardigan

" What?" asks Ashley bewildered
" That cardigan Is by Catherine French "
" Is it? It's a lovely colour and just perfect for my outfit, I don't know why someone left it stuck on the wall! What's that all about !"

Ginny turns up in time to explain all about designers of one off's , Gucci, Liberace and Almondi !

Arabella decides to retreat while she can, before she says something that would not be wise!

" I don't think Arabella's very happy that you took the cardigan out of the box!"says Ginny " But It does look nice with your dress, is it  designer?"
" No it's cotton" says Ashley " come on lets go out and play "
So that's what they do...


  1. Absolutely loved it! Very clever indeed!

    Yes, Catherine French's items are definitely works of art and although the cream cardigan looked fabulous framed on the back wall it looks just as lovely being worn by Ashley with her floral dress and toning sandals.

    I must say that their room is looking exceptionally clean and tidy today.
    Has someone been doing a bit of Spring cleaning over the weekend?

    Good job that Arabella doesn't know that Ashley is going out to play in Catherine's 'work of art!'

    1. Thank you Kendal :)
      I'm afraid most children do not see works of art just clothes! which is all right and proper :)
      The playroom is only clean and tidy because I think Arabella was going to turn it into a shrine to fashion! It would never have worked!!
      I think Arabella will be saving for her own CF Original..Lol
      Sasha love Dee

  2. This one had me reading out bits to my DH who was also very amused. What a brilliant story line, so funny. it perfectly illustrates the tension between art and practical use of designed items, and how we feel about excellent craftsmanship and our Sasha dolls. Thanks for making me laugh out loud.

    I'm with Arabella on this one - too lovely for playing in.
    As William Morris said - Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. CF is completely in the latter category!

    1. I'm sure Arabella will somehow get her hands on that Cardigan for her 'Art'
      I am totally with William Morris on this.

  4. Very ART ful! This post is a work of ART :) Very clever!

    1. I'd best be careful then! I could find myself stuck behind glass and pinned to the wall :)

  5. Only ME just wondering WHERE the BEAR of the MONTH is?????
    (In case you have forgotten it's the 18th today.... so already a few days late.)

    Looking forward to seeing you all up here on Thursday AND please could my friend Mossy come along with you?

    1. Ooops! I was just testing to see if anyone noticed!!!
      Mossy is already bragging about his trip to the north!

      I bet Mossy's locked the bear of the month in a cupboard somewhere! I had best go check!!

  6. I think Mossy should have a second go at being bear of the month -he is, after all, a very special bear - and you could put off the photo until later so he could pose and memorialize his forthcoming trip.
    Love the CF cardigan - how did you manage to capture one of her beautiful pieces of knitwear? They are definitely top drawer designer wear. I'm with Arabella on that one.
    Jenni xx

    1. Jenni How can you say that! He must had made an appearance in at least half of them as it is!!
      I'm sure he'll be regaling everyone with his upcoming trip!
      I am afraid I cannot give away how I obtained that cardigan or Arabella may never get one for her ' art collection'..Lol

  7. The cardigan is really lovely and does indeed look like a work of art Dee! I'm not surprised that Arabella wants to keep it framed on the wall for all to see!
    But when alls said and done, it looks very nice on Ashley so maybe it's good that she's getting to wear it.....I hope she's not going to get it ruined in the garden though!!

    1. I think the only way it will get ruined is if Arabella rugby tackles her to the carpet to stop her going outside in it! Ashley is quite a neat child so it will probably be ok until she takes it off before bed and Arabella nabs it and hides it away!!