Tuesday 18 June 2013


Today's bear of the month is late but it was not her fault! Here is what happened.....

Ashley's been looking for her bear, she can hear someone calling out and when she comes into the room , she see's Mossy hurrying away!
" Mossy Mossy! Have you seen my bear? "
The little bear does not stop!

Hearing growling and grumbles coming from the box in the room, Ashley decides to investigate!

"Muma !" cries the little grey bear climbing out of the box with Ashley's help" where's that Mossy? "

 " Oh Dear! " says Ashley cuddling the little bear who is shaking " It's all right I'm here now, don't worry!"

Ashley places the little bear on the chair for the bear of the month photo.

"Are you ok to have your photo taken now? or are you too upset by Mossy shutting you in the box?" asks Ashley kindly

" Upset? " Cries the bear " I am not upset I am very angry and when I get hold of that Mossy, he'll wish he'd never met me! Locking me in the box just because I said I would take the bus and go back to our last house!"
" Oh Gertie! Why do you keep saying you want to go back to the last house?"
Gertie looks guilty " Well i do not really! But I don't want them to know that! Edward is always giving me little extra tip bits to help me settle in "
"Gertie!" says Ashley
" Oh I know I know! " says Gertie going red " I'll stop soon but he did promise me a honeycombe Ice cream I'll stop trying to leave after that!"
"And you will not be nasty to Mossy, he probably thought he was doing you a favour posting you back!"
Gertie's not so sure about that but she'll not say so to her little miss.
" Now are you ready for the photo, we are day's late!"
" Yes yes I am ready " grumbles Gertie with a grin.

So finally here is the Bear of the month for June............. Gertrude.


  1. Yeaah Bear of the Month! And what a cute little bear she is too. I am really hoping that Mossy was not being unkind to her and trying to keep her from being chosen for the photos! LOL

    1. I to am hoping Mossy was not yet again trying to get into bear of the month although he's managed to get his leg in the shot!!

  2. I'm not sure just what to think of Mossy's actions.

    He could well have been helping to send Gertrude back to her old home....or he could have equally well been stopping her from becoming the bear of the month... but loving him as I do and looking forward to finally seeing and meeting him on Thursday, I'm going to opt for the former.

    Some delightful photos of Ashley and her bear. She certainly loves her judging by the above pictures.

    1. I knew you would give him the benefit of the doubt Kendal! You'll be seeing that naughty twinkle in his eye on Thursday!
      My Sasha's do love their bears!

  3. Nice to BEAR witness to the fact that Gertrude decided to BEAR the brunt and managed to grin and BEAR it!
    Must BEAR in mind that she does BEAR a resemblance to Mossy and will have a cross to BEAR :)
    At this point it is nearly midnight and I can't think of anything else so BEAR with me!! :)

    1. I can BEARLY beleive what I am reading but will BEAR In mind your comment that Gertrude BEARS a look of Mossy due to it BEARLY possible that midnight is nigh !

  4. :) :) I am so tired I feel like a BEAR with a sore head this morning!
    BEAR hug xxx