Sunday 9 June 2013


Anastasia will be off to her new home on Monday. But before she goes , she took a detour to her Aunty Kendal's for a photo shoot.
So here are some of the photo's that Kendal's taken showing just how beautiful and rare this little lady is.

 We start with a couple of in door shoots.

Look at that beautiful face.

Even from the side she is gorgeous.

 Out in the garden with her hair in bunches.

 A change into  a pair of jeans and a lovely white top.

A close up.

Another change of clothes and hair style.

 a sweet look.

 Another change of clothes and hair.



Another change of outfit

 A pensive look


Finally Anastasia just has to have a rest! Kendal is a hard task master when she's behind her trusty camera!

I will finish with this lovely front view. Yes it did tempt me to keep her but I decided to let her go and if I should ever be lucky enough to buy another, although I will avoid a rare one such as this, I will send her to Kendal for a Kendal special photo shoot and then make sure I do nothing but play with her for weeks until she is well settled in.

It only remains to Thank The fabulously talented Kendal her trusty camera and her beautiful clothes and accessories and Anasatasia for calling into the village for a visit and wish her well in her new home.


  1. She is gorgeous, Dee. I'd forgotten how lovely these girls are - odd that my cousin's girls mainly wore the dreadful fluorescent nylon yarn knits that my Grandmother made for all our dolls when they are worthy of such lovely clothing as Auntie Kendal (and you!)provides. What was it with Granny C - a wonderful knitter - and her dreadful choice of yarn that detracted from her creations?!
    Sad news from the Radnor Forest Sashas today - Rhodri, my special Shelly boy, has been stolen. Trying not to cry ;0(

  2. Oh Jenann I am so sad to hear that about Rhodri ! Let me have his photo and I will put him on here woth a big sign and info and hopefully someone will see him and you will get him back.
    Maybe you could put a listing on ebay for 30 days with his photo and info about him missing and someone may contact you!
    Was he in a bag? maybe they thought it had money in or your camera?
    I hope you get him back soon.
    am very sad for you :(
    hugs Dee x

  3. beautiful girl...truly.

    And who would steal a Sasha doll?! I'm so sorry. It's like stealing a work of art- what's the point, if you can never show it to anyone!

    (although sometimes I admit the devil in me might want to jump right through the computer and kidnap one!)

    (It wasn't me, I promise)


    1. I think they probably stole the bag rather than the dolls, they just happened to be in there.

      Kidnap ! At least if you kidnap you can send them back later :)

  4. I'm so, so sorry to hear about your beloved Gregor, Rhodri being kidnapped or stolen. How or where did that happen? (No ransom note as yet?)

    How sad and upsetting for you and indeed, for all of us Sasha Collectors, to hear of such a thing.

    Like Dee, if I can be of any help by placing his photo on my Wordpress blog (with it's worldwide following) I'll be only too willing to do so.

    He luckily has the advantage of being a OOAK customised doll so hopefully instantly recognisable should he be seen by any Sasha Collector.

    Many thanks to Dee for allowing me the absolute pleasure of enjoying some time with her absolutely gorgeous Developmental Sasha, Anastasia.
    (I could have spent days just redressing and photographing her, but unfortunately for me, She has to travel to her new mummmy today!)

    I have, as you can imagine, fallen 'head over heels' in love with her and would have given the earth to have had the money to have bought her.

    Again, many thanks to Dee for allowing me such pleasure at having time with Anastasia..... and prayers to St. Antony (who is said to help find things) and good luck to Jenann in getting her Gregor, Rhodi back.

    1. It was my pleasure Kendal and to receive the beautiful photo's as a keepsake is so lovely and I thnak you for taking the time out of your busy life to do them.
      I hope it's not caused any problem's with your other Sasha's who may have been awaiting the Kendal magic!!
      I too hope Rhodi will beack soon with his mum.

  5. So sorry to hear that your boy has been stolen Jenann! How terrible! Keeping everything crossed that you get him back very soon xx

    1. Yes so hope he turns up safe and well XX

  6. She's really beautiful Dee, and Kendal did a wonderful job on the photos. I'm very glad to hear that she has a new home. Lets hope that at some point in the future you find another girl that is not so 'precious' and you can enjoy her more through play!

    Poor Jenni, I do so hope that her dolls turn up and soon. It is horrible that someone would take them just like that. I will keep my eyes open too in case they pop up somewhere.

    1. Thanks Sharon, she is a beauty and Kendal is a magic worker :)
      I am now back to looking in Charity shops and car boots..well I would be if I remembered to go to them.. :)