Thursday 6 June 2013


Elton Ron is sitting all alone looking at his picture book.

when suddenly the man on the radio says " after the news we'll be playing an Elton John song, so stay tuned "

Full of excitement Elton Ron  hurries to pull on a pair of one of the boys boots that have been left about and a hat?

Then turning he crawls over to the radio where the man is just finishing the news report.

Pulling himself up he starts rocking!! as Elton starts singing " I remember when rock was young......"

He is rocking and wriggling them hips along to " Lord a muma Friday nights........"

" when your feet ..just..cant..keep still..."

" crocodile.. rocking   out of..sight...."

 " laaa la la la laaaa "

"Laaa La la la la laaaa....." the song ends and Elton Ron kicks off his boots and removes his hat? the man on the radio plays another song by someone else..

When Sapphire comes into the room she find's Elton Ron sitting quietly looking at his picture book........


  1. Ha ha, you rock Elton Ron! Fabulous, brought a huge smile to my face.

  2. That is soooo cute! He really knows some moves, does that little Elton Ron, doesn't he!!!

  3. Gee, Dee! You don't half think of some great story lines!!! Love that little chap in his amazing boots and hat rocking his heart out! made my day!!! xxx Karin

    1. Thank you Karin,glad you enjpyed it.

  4. Most amusing! Love the get up!

    Reminds me of my daughter when she was about two and a half to three years old, who would race in the moment the 'Match of the Day' rang out, stand right in front of the TV and dance.
    I once managed to catch her actually performing on the cine camera!
    Even now, after ALL these years, the moment I hear that tune I can visualise her.

    Little does Sapphire know what he has just been up to since he's now sitting there looking all 'meek and mild.'

    1. Is it not the case that all babie/children like to dance to whatever takes their fancy!
      And just with your daughter you have to catch them at it , hopefully with a camera or video to keep it forever. :)

  5. that was a hoot! my little girl is as we speak jumping up and down to "the farmer in the dell" on her little record player music box...I'm too tired to get up and get a camera though...

    1. See They all do it and I am sure your little girl will do it again, when you are not tired but even if you never capture it on film , you will have enjoyed her happiness and tell her of her dancing skill's when she is older :)

  6. Absolutely priceless Dee, Elton Ron is great!