Sunday 28 November 2021


 Yes wintery but luckily none of that white stuff down here , but poor Scotland and the north have received lots. We have had the winds from storm Arwen ( Fairy Princess from Lord of the Rings ) but nothing too bad. It is cold especially when the wind is blowing but today Sunday the sun is shining but its quite bitter.

I'm glad that Paul put all the plants, that needed protection, away safely or covered them up , so we didn't have to rush about moving any last pots etc.

So I have been sheltering indoors , getting on with things, like reading the paper and doing the crossword but I have also spent time working on the dolls wardrobe. I have papered the inside of the lovely 1930's one and since I was doing that one, I went and got the small wardrobe my neighbour kindly gave me.

It needed the top of the little drawer section re-glued to the side, since Paul was out I did that myself , then was able to wallpaper the inside of that wardrobe  too. When Paul returned he made me a shelf to go over the drawer ( there should be two drawers but only one still with it ) then today I gave the outside a polish and assigned the wardrobe to Isabella.

She's already put her clothes inside.

Alas she's not got much to wear !

Isabella is a Xenis all wooden jointed doll, who I was selling but then someone asked about if she had leg joints. I got her out to take some photos and was reminded of why I had bought her in the first place because she is beautiful and needs to stay with me for a good while longer. She stands really well and is very poseable and at 12 inches easy to carry around for photo shoots out and about. Plus she doesn't take up much space.

The 1930's wardrobe is having the hanging rail fixed in and then that too will be ready to use. While we  ( Paul ) has the glue out, he is repairing one of my doll tables he knocked off the side a good while back and two legs broke off and also repairing a dolls wooden chair again a broken leg.

No dolls have left and none have arrived this week, however dolls clothes have been arriving. Some clothes I bought from a Russian Etsy seller arrived for some of my other dolls and also a red dungaree set I bought second hand from Gill.

Ollie the only boy still in need of changing was the lucky child to get them , so he is finally out of short sleeves and shorts !

I'm due to have my booster tomorrow, so am expecting to be out of sorts for a day or so. Then hopefully fine. I have quite a few things on the go, some sewing for the dolls and some knitting for the grandchildren, all of which I will share once they are completed.

We change from November to December this week, winter has arrived and Christmas in a few weeks. So I wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.

Dee x

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