Monday 22 November 2021


 So yesterday afternoon, I set about cutting out the fabric for the sofa seat. Because it was a fat quarter and to get some placement of pattern, I had to adjust it about . Piece's cut and just a very small piece of fabric left I started sewing.

This was when I went in search of my mouse pin cushion , which naturally I could not find but my daughter said she thought I'd had it on my desk, so I check the desk and what do I find? 

No not the pin cushion but...

another fat quarter bundle of Morris fabric's and in the same tonal range as the first with some duplicates including the fabric I cut for the seat cushion !

It had this nice oak leaf design in this new bundle which would have looked good on the seat but I do love the fabric I have gone with.

Of course there was no sign of the pin cushion!

So I managed to find enough pins to complete the seat cushion.

Next to decide whether to use a tonal fabric for the back cushions .

But I decided that as I had now found another quarter of the same pattern and colourway, i'd stick to that.

So there we are all finished and ready for use.

in a better setting for photos.

Ragnor and Hattie do the honours of trying out the new sofa. They declare it quite comfy.

However I'm going to use it for some of my non Sasha dolls when not needed for a storyline or photo shoot.

These three small Roche girls have claimed it for the winter and are  now sitting upstairs enjoying a new view.