Sunday 7 November 2021


 How I used to enjoy it being Sunday when I was working. A nice relaxing day pottering around the house and or garden. Now of course it's almost become part of the week ! 

Now it's November the weather's taken a turn towards the cold although when the sun is out it's quite nice unless the breeze is up and on the chiller side.

So the weeks been spent clearing parts of the garden, cutting back the apple trees etc. Not me but Paul mainly. I've been , well faffing about really, not quite getting anything done completely! Although I did take the big metal dolls bed up and put it in the bedroom on the long chest of drawers in front of the window, where it looks lovely with it's patchwork quilt.

I also found the wonderful dolls wardrobe which will be lovely once done up but I'm off to visit Courtney and the grandchildren for most of the coming week, so it will have to await my return to be worked on.Although I'm hoping Paul will add the bottom plinth while I'm away.

The 5th November is bonfire night in the UK, connected to when Guy Fawkes who with a few others planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament. It all went terribly wrong and they paid the price. The nation gathers wood to burn a figure of poor Guy Fawkes every year and let of fireworks. When I was young the fireworks were things like Catherine wheels and roman candles and the bangs were loud but not massive where as today they seem to delight in making fireworks ever more loud and continuous , which is a nightmare for anyone with pets.

Rufus, our gundog , is not bothered by the noise , if anything he probably wonders why Paul's not sending him to retrieve the birds ! Casper however finds the noise worrying and barks to warn us of the danger outside, he doesn't like the flashes of the fireworks either. So we decided to put the curtains in the back room back up and so went out on Friday and bought new long curtain rails and Paul put them up and we rehung the old curtains for now. It resolved the decision of what to put at the windows, Paul wanted the long louver style blinds but I said the dogs would land up getting caught in them and breaking or pulling them down. Then it was normal blinds but would they truly help keep out the drafts ?  Which meant no decision had been made and the windows were bare . So now the curtains are back up and I'm pleased. Will just need to get some new ones to match the new decor but that can wait until next year.

On the doll front, Two have arrived , both non Sasha's. One was meant to come before Halloween as she is dressed ready to go trick or treating but in fact , due to the shipping problems, arrived Saturday ! But she'll be able to join in next year. 

I do love the faces of the Gotz Happy kidz dolls and the Little Kidz are a great size to share with Sasha clothes.

I have also sold a few of the props, the small bed, a dolls house decoration and some clothes, also one of the wooden Schoenhut animals, so despite buying a large prop ( the wardrobe ) I have made a little more space.

I have also been changing the dolls into their winter gear and only a few still need changing, you know those awkward ones who have to wear their clothing  a certain way or style, not happy just to put on a dress and be done with it ! Or trousers !

With Hattie we are still arguing over just what shoes/ boots she wants to wear ! But Claudia, was more than happy to wear one of the new Christmas dresses by Michelle along with a Jane Woodbridge bolero and some new Petrana shoes from the Chat n Snap.

So once I'm back from my visit in East Sussex I'll be able to finish dressing the others and they will all be ready for the cold winter ahead ! Now I will wish you all a lovely healthy week ahead.


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