Saturday, 6 November 2021


   It is such a thrill when you find something you have been looking for , for a while. I was doing my usual searches on eBay when I came across something that the seller was calling a bathroom cabinet/ jewellery box!! Well I could see it was either of those things but it was just what i'd been looking out for !

Even better when I checked the sizes, it was also the right size ! Normally when I check the size that's when it all goes pear shaped because it will turn out to be enormous or tiny and therefore no good but this was perfect.

Because what he was calling a 1900's bathroom cabinet was in fact a 1920/30's dolls wardrobe !

It's been painted at some stage and then stripped at another. I will keep it with the natural wood. It needs to have the bits of paint still showing removed , then to be repaired and a new plinth added at the base as the original is missing.

Inside is looking particularly tatty. on the left hand small cupboard it is missing a shelf , which we can replace. On the right it's missing another high shelf but we won't replace this just add the missing rail.

both of these area's will be wallpapered using a dolls house wallpaper. The outside of the wardrobe will be wax polished to enrich the wood.

You can see from these close ups that it was well made .

It has it's original piece of green obscured glass and 

and it's original long mirror which is bevelled edged. This was a quality dolls wardrobe when it was made.

And here is Claudia to show you it's the perfect size for Sasha's among others. So I will hopefully be able to show you the finished result at the end of next week as first I'm off for a few days with the grandchildren.


  1. What a find, I love it! Dee, you seem to be able to conjure these wonderful accessories out of thin air!

    1. I do love it when I find something good like this :)