Monday 8 November 2021


 So still home until tomorrow, due to Paul having had his covid booster, feeling out of salts with shivers temperature and really tired. So I'll be going on Tuesday now.

But it did allow me to spend a few hours Sunday removing the paint specks from the dolls wardrobe and giving it a sand in places and a clean. Then I waxed and polished everything but the mirrored door, which Paul today Monday, now feeling fine, kindly filled the broken section at the top on the right. 

He's also made a plinth for the base, which he will fit once the glue dries.

So today I went looking for my dolls house wallpapers, I have several which I have bought intending to use for room settings for the dolls.

While on the hunt , I landed up having a mini move about and clear up in the doll studio. Which finished with the kitchen area finally being cleared and ready for use.

one day I'll take a level photo !

The dresser's been tidied and I found the six butterfly mugs in a tin ,when I was getting ready for the chat n snap, so they are now hanging on the dresser.

The biscuit tin is out !

I had Paul put this little shelf up a few months back. The utensils came with it but the rolling pin I already had.

The new to me iron, looks good on the ironing board.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to do the washing up ! ;) So a space now available for story telling , just need to sort out the other two area's.

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