Thursday 18 November 2021


 Well I was going to go into the studio and start moving things around and hope that by doing so I would come across the elusive dolls house wallpaper but I left it until the afternoon and by the time I went in there the sky was already starting to darken ! 

Since I have still to get electric put in , so don't have a light set up , which I will have to sort out. I'd been delayed looking at small shelving units. I wanted a small one to use for my lovely 1930's china that I bought at the chat n snap. I couldn't find what I was looking for and then remembered that Paul had made a small pine unit years ago and it might do.

I was just planning on going to search the old studio for it, when It dawned on me I'd been using it for Granny Fortuna's shop for the last few years, which meant it was already sitting on the worktop in the new studio.

So I went and checked , then asked Paul to put it on the wall in the only space available, while he sorted that out, I got a call from my daughter, so by the time I went back in it was getting really dark.

This is a photo without the flash to show the amount of natural light.

Taken using the flash . It was put slightly higher than I intended but the rabbits ears are in the way , so up it went.

It's a little deeper than I wanted and I'd like to have a couple of the dishes standing up at the back but need to make sure they won't slip and knock anything else off , so will need to decide what to use. But for now they are at least out of the box and where I can admire them.

And I also have the top shelf and I'm sure there will be something I have that can go there. So tomorrow I need to go into the studio in the morning not wait until afternoon cos now winters coming it gets dark early !!! Duh !


  1. Your china looks so pretty Dee and the little cupboard will look so pretty the plates displayed. I'm sure Paul could put a strip of beading along the rear of the shelf to stop the plates sliding forward.
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you :) Yes that's my plan to get Paul to put in the strip to hold the plates from slipping but of course I wanted to see it up in place, so I'm saving that request until tomorrow ! Lol he'll say why didn't you ask me before I put it up....Hugs xx