Friday 26 November 2021


 OR 30.5 cm ! Last weekend when I went into Studio to start setting up some old granny's shop , I realised that a doll sized cardboard box ,I'd covered in blue card and used to put a piece of the shop shelving on , had been used to post a doll ! I didn't have another of a suitable size ,so the shelving had nowhere to sit!

Naturally I took this problem to my humble assistant ,Paul , and gave him the old shop shelves and asked him to make something they could sit on.

I'm thinking bish bash bosh ! but I get cutting and gluing , with cramps holding in place , waiting for glue to dry, then cutting a back, gluing and waiting for the glue to dry , a bit of sanding and finally handed over ! All this gluing and drying takes a week !

So today finally done. But I have no time for painting them , so settle for using some of the dolls house wallpaper, more bish bash bosh than quality I'm thinking lol.

So it's finally back in the studio and I will be able to start sorting out the shop. But that will have to be tomorrow, because below is a photo taken without the flash , when I put this back inside at about 3.15 this afternoon!

It does appear slightly darker than the room is but I really need to sort out some form of lighting now the days can be quite grey and dark 

Hopefully I'll get to spend a little time in there over the weekend, mind you they are talking 45mph winds and rain and maybe even a bit of the white stuff !!

I just hope I can find enough items to fill all these shelves....... are you okay? Did you choke on that biscuit ? Well you should not snort while you are eating .... pardon?... I could fill a department store with whats lurking around the studio ! .. Really ! I think you'll find those shelves half empty..... how rude! 

We'll soon see whose right !

Now I must go and ask my assistant how he's getting on with the new shelf and hanging rail for the wardrobe, no doubt that will be another week of glue drying.....


  1. Looks good (lucky for you too, cuz I sure wouldn't want to get on granny's bad side)!

  2. Very well done! Granny will be so pleased (though I believe she'll try very hard not to show...)

    1. I'm sure she'll act as if it was no more than she deserved and no praise or thanks needed ! ;)