Friday, 19 November 2021


 Sort of ... I say this because I'm not actually 'looking' but am in the studio and moving things around, so hoping it will appear as if by magic !!

Well I asked the question this morning, can you put some beading on the shelves so the plates can stand and he said yes ! Didn't mention not having asked yesterday and even found some old beading that had aged just like the unit !

Of course I had to wait for the glue to dry , which was a pain but spent the time moving things about but eventually I could put a couple of the plates up on the lower shelf.

I was starting to gather together Granny's shop items, which had a knock on effect of having to move other items , then the blue shop shelves on the right did not look right one what was available for them to sit on, so I decided that I'd have a word with Paul about making me a base for them.

Which meant I came to a stop ! 

However that turned out to be good because it meant I heard the doorbell when my two new to me pieces of furniture arrived !

I wasn't expecting them until new week at the earliest, so am very happy.

This is the armchair I bought, it's a great size for all the dolls.

Claudia tried it out for comfort. The second item I bought

was this lovely wicker sofa ,I especially liked that it needed a cushion/seat pad for the base. 

Bea and Hattie try it out for size, even though they complain about having to sit on the canes!

I had a quick look in my fabric stash and pulled out these. 

This is a deeper mustard yellow needlecord that shows in photo. 

A floral cream background needlecord.

or this white with blue design. So which one to use ? or do I go looking for a nice bright floral as was my original plan ?  And I'm sure I have some small Morris fabric somewhere.... all opinions welcome !

Out of these three I'm liking the last one best , or do I find something better !


  1. Yes, that looks much better Dee, you can see the design of plates now.

    Love the wing back chair! It's very "country" and looks so cosy...I can see it sitting beside a fireplace or perhaps in a home library.

    If the wicker seat was mine, I'd probably make the seat pad in a neutral colour, perhaps plain beige or some shade of brown and use a lovely green leafy print to make large cushions. On the other hand, I could spray it white and go with the blue print to make it look more coastal. Then add plain white and navy cushions.

    Okay' so now I've probably thrown a spanner in the works. I'm sure you will come to your own conclusion and I look forward to seeing it when it's done.
    Big hugs,

    1. It's nice I can now see the pattern on the plates.

      I have a living room setting it can go in , once I get to tidying that area up, beside the fireplace and the bookcases.

      I'm not a fan or beige / brown. My biggest fear would to be placed in a nursing home in a room with a beige carpet and magnolia walls ! lol I like colour and plenty of it :)
      I already have three wicker chairs sprayed white and I love the design on this with the different colour wicker, so I'll keep it neutral but I'm liking the white with blue design best out of these fabrics but not quite given up on finding a more colourful fabric.
      I like the green leaf print idea, that would look great with the natural wicker.I may have a look on the net !!! Danger Danger ..... :))
      Hugs xx