Sunday 14 November 2021


 Yes Sunday.

It's also Remembrance Sunday, when we honour those who have fallen in the wars. Today it falls on the 14th, which if my Mother had still been alive, would have been her and her twin sister's birthday. So for my family a double remembrance.

The photo is of a smoke bush that stands in the corner of our front garden, a few years back we thought it was dying and considered taking it out but we decided to leave it and see what happened and the following year it rewarded us by growing stronger and coming back to life. The leaves during the spring and summer are a deep dark purply red and then in the autumn they turn this gorgeous glowing red with touches of yellow. One of the reason I love Autumn so much is the beauty of Nature showing off before it goes to sleep for the winter.

 Of course this week I have spent most of , reading stories and playing games with my grandchildren. I have had a lovely time with them, they are both growing up so fast !

Adam will be one on the 16th November ! So we will be going back next Sunday to celebrate.

 I did not take any Sasha's with me but did take my knitting and have made greats strides with Clara's cardigan that I started and then left, back in August. With a bit of luck she will have it to start wearing by the end of next week !

Paul made and added the plinth to my dolls wardrobe and also filled in the damaged corner, while I was away. Later today I will be deciding which wallpaper to use for inside and tomorrow will make a start on adding it. Then a few other little things and it will be finished.

We also need to try and darken the small filled area a little more.

Of course since I've not been here I have not made any progress on cleaning out the studio or selling any more dolls or props. Although the small wooden rocking horse has found a new home.

I have to confess I did actually buy a couple of props! One before I left and one while I was away !Yes I know I'm supposed to be reducing them but they will be perfect for my dolls and so I will now sell a couple of other items I have. I will save the details about my purchases until they arrive and I can show them to you. 

So this chair and it's matching wooden twin/ sofa will be going on the sales page and also on Ebay. Hattie is showing you the size, it's a good size for her but also bigger dolls like the Roche or other large  dolls. I am getting better because before I would have bought the new props and not sold off anything !

But I still need to be harder at moving things on !

Well since I've not done much, I will end here and wish everyone a lovely healthy fun filled week ahead 



  1. Your smoke bush looks glorious Dee, so does your knitting. As for selling off props and adding new ones, I think it's called "refining your collection". 🤣 You are not alone, I do it too!
    Big hugs,

    1. Ooh ! I like that ' I'm refining my collection' Sounds so much better ! Especially when the next parcel arrives I'll tell Paul that ;) Good to know I'm not the only one refining things :) Hugs xx

  2. You certainly couldn't miss that fine wardrobe, and it brought you a long way into a refined collection. The smoke bush is so pretty...

    1. True that wardrobe did have to come here and it does refine my collection :)

  3. That wardrobe is certainly looking nice. Lucky you that Paul has such a talent for detailed work. I think when you see really nice furniture and props, you just have to snatch them up, because you may never run across anything like that again (but then I use this excuse for a lot of things). Lovely fall color!

    1. I am lucky to have my very own restorer. I agree you have to get them when you see them as they can be few and far between ( I use that excuse too lol )