Sunday 21 November 2021


 Well my week's been quite productive, at least when I remember that now it's almost winter the days darken quite early and I need to set up some sort of temporary light if I want to get in my studio in the late afternoon. Mind you they were talking about the weather turning cold, which it has ! Now there is a definite chill to the air , also they were saying and maybe some of the white stuff before the end of the month but we'll ignore that part ! 

Paul started clearing the carport, of all the things just dumped in there during the year, so that we can get the cars inside now the weathers getting colder. I booked my car in for it's service and mot, not that I use it much at present, so need to decide if I sell it on next year and we go down to one car. 

He's also been out wrapping up the tender plants like the bananas and the tree ferns, along with lifting and wrapping and boxing the dahlias.

I traded two old mirrors that have been sitting about for a couple of years , no longer needed, for some new girls clothes from my neighbour , who is a market stall holder selling on end of range quality clothing from the big brand shops. So now Princess Clara will be sleeping in some Frozen nightwear and wearing some quality denim jeans this winter. She loves Elsa , so will be so happy. 

I'm happy now the two mirrors have a new home. Also while searching for something before I went off to stay with my grandchildren, I finally found some cups that belonged to a tea set I wanted to sell, then found the saucers, plates , teapot outside under the carport. Put them all through the dishwasher and took photos , put on market place and sold them within a couple of hours, so another two boxes gone!

I do love getting things moved on and if I can make a little money or do a trade all the better. I love that three items are no longer sitting around.

I've booked my covid booster , so that will be great to get that done and out the way. 

Also now Christmas, yes we are allowed to mention it now it not so far away, will arrive soon, I have been getting the presents sorted , so I can be over and done by the middle of December. 

On the doll front none arrived and none left but my two new props arrived quicker than I thought, which is great.

The green chair is lovely and of course needs nothing other than to be put in place. The wicker sofa needs a base cushion , which is one of the reasons I bought this particular one. Most people grab a piece of fabric make seat base cushion done ! 

Me, find several pieces of fabric, try them against sofa, like one more than others but then go off to find more pieces of fabric to make decision even harder ! But I was good and although I did go look on Ebay and was tempted by one piece of fabric I considered it then decided no ! I have enough fabric to last me until 2030 , so I need to use what I have. ( Paul wanted to call the doctor ! )

Plus on the day they arrived , I sold the wooden sofa and chair that had to go to make way for them, so that was a good result.

If you saw yesterdays post , you will see I have found the fabric for the sofa seat cushion base and I'll be making that up this afternoon. Along with a couple of throw cushions. 

I still have one last chance to come across the wallpaper for the wardrobe because Monday I need to get  on with it before it's still waiting come Christmas!.

So on that note I'm off into the studio for another quick look around and then off to start cutting and sewing.

Wishing you all a lovely healthy fun filled week ahead


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