Tuesday 16 November 2021


that you can never find the paper you saw only a few weeks back?

 I can find these and also all the striped doll house wallpaper I appear to have but the really lovely white background William Morris paper is nowhere to be seen !

There is more striped paper and even one with chickens on ! But I will leave it one more day and have one last look for , what I think would be the ideal paper that's somewhere in the studio and then if I cannot find it I will choose from these papers.


  1. This is a wellknown - or, better said, a badknown fact: you see something and don't need it and some days later you think about it, would like to have it and can't find it anymore. It's the same with me and my household! And I think, everybody knows it. Can it be that there are some goblins in each house which put stuff away? And sit there, laughing, watching you search? Must be something like this ;-))

    1. It must be goblins ! I only saw that paper a couple of weeks ago and it's in the studio but I cannot find it!
      I just know the minute I choose a different paper and use it, the other paper will suddenly appear !! Glad to know it's not just here that those goblins live !!

  2. My hubby would ask "Have you tried looking three layers down?" I do know what you're going through Dee, it's so frustrating. I was looking for some fabric the other day, I moved the three layers, and still didn't see it until I returned to the spot and looked again...and it was there before my eyes!!
    Big hugs,

    1. It is so frustrating and I have looked..sort of! It's flat and a set size so I'd have placed it in a way to not let it get creased! I'm giving myself another couple of days to look and then I'll give up.
      I'm going to go and do some sorting and hope it suddenly appears ! hugs x